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By Mistake Client Give Bad Rating


Last night, I have completed and delivered an order.
My client was so happy with the delivery as I took a lot of time and make the website perfect and as per the seller’s requirements.

But unfortunately my seller, by mistake give me 4.7 star rating and already I contact wth my seller. She is happy to change the rating.

What Is the way? What should I do ?


So sorry. You can send rating modification your Bayer using resolution center. Thanks


No, you can’t.

Please leave it. Although 4.7 isn’t a perfect 5* star review, it’s nowhere near a negative.

There have been tales on here of users having ToS thrown at them for attempting ‘feedback manipulation’ for even mentioning the word ‘review’ after their buyer has rated them


No, you should never do that! I know it sounds crazy but once I did it and I received a warning from fiverr sying I tried to manipulate the fiverr system. Trust me, never send this type pf request.


It wouldn’t be a breach of terms of service if you contact the Resolution Centre to make it happen because Fiverr customer service would be the one to make that change happen using the tools they have at their disposal. Everything you do with the Resolution Centre involves customer service.

In any case, unfortunately, I don’t think there is a policy or system in place to enable a rating to be removed and redone, including the express permission that would be required from both parties.


No you definitely cannot mention to a buyer to change their review, whether it’s in the resolution center or any other way.

People need to understand the rules here and terms of service before giving out incorrect suggestions.

If you in ANY WAY mention changing a review you can get your account restricted.

Even if you ask customer support to change a review you can get your account restricted.


This is not correct. And customer support definitely would restrict your account if you used the resolution center to ask for a change of a review.


Didn’t they remove that option, anyway (to request feedback change)?


Maybe, I haven’t looked at it in a while.


Fiverr has interpreted attempted to have reviews changed in a very indefinite way and people have been warned, demoted and banned for using the Resolution Center to request a review change. This is a bit puzzling but still true. It is inadvisable to recommend that users try it

I think this is now true but it recently changed, so I’m not sure. As a constant forum reader, I sure wouldn’t suggest that anyone try to having a rating altered or removed no matter who consents.


Definitely. I wouldn’t either. I only mean that if there was a way to change one of these things, I would only do it via customer service and whatever policies they have at their disposal. I wouldn’t try to game the system.


I get you. Unfortunately, in the past year, it has appeared to be against policy to approach customer service about it at all. That’s why people are saying that it shouldn’t be done. Fiverr is currently fairly strict.


Oh, yikes. I didn’t know that. I seldom bother with customer service. They aren’t very helpful unless I want to cancel a gig if I have a problematic buyer.