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By Mistake Review

can someone help me, I give 5 stars to the buyer by mistake. how I can remove it.
Is it possible?


So you wanted to give the buyer a bad review??


Hello there,

Changing feedback is not possible by default. But if you need to change typo or something like that, you can ask it from customer support.

Thank you!


LOL - you can’t change a rating once you’ve submitted it.

Why didn’t you want to give them a 5* review?

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Now You Can’t Change your review man.

yes I wanted to give her bad review.

answer is : " no"…

Was it actually a mistake or did you change your mind on them deserving 5 stars after you saw their feedback?


I think @ejaz658 is changed his mind on them deserving 5 stars after he saw their feedback…please dont mind but if my think is right then it’s very bad my dear…

no your think is not right. this is not my question answer.

you can not changes it

oh okay …but I answered before

@ejaz658 this my answer


It’s final. You can’t change it unless it breaks ToS (e.g. it’s offensive).

I saw on your profile you replied to their review saying they were great. I guess you didn’t read what they wrote first.

Anyway, lesson learned. Your review of the buyer really doesn’t change much so I would forget about it.


I have NEVER given a Buyer a bad review…even if they deserved it.

If I’ve had an issue with a Buyer the last thing I would do is give them a bad review. I think that’s tacky and depending on what you say in that review, may hurt your chances at new business from other Buyers who read that review.

Besides, one bad Buyer is a minority. There are plenty of better Buyers out there so why say something bad about one you are never likely to work with again?


I think you need to contact Fiverr Support.

Unfortunately, you can’t change a review once you submit it! If you want to change it, you should contact customer support because they might be able to help you change it! I hope this helps!

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Yes, it’s best to reach out to the boss of the company. I assume you can spam him and find him somewhere. It won’t be that hard. Then tell him “Sir, there was a very bad experiance on ur website. I need to rate the buyer 1-star so he no lie anymore to honestly made seller money.” That’s gonna solve it.


I don’t find it tacky. It gives other sellers insights that can protect them from toxic people and toxic experiences.


I think the review process was created like that to ensure that people give honest reviews, instead of ‘she gave me a bad review so I’ll give her one too’. If you had a problem with your buyer, then you should have stated it from the beginning. And if that wasn’t the case, then next time, be careful and recheck everything before submitting; it’s our job to be thorough. Taking this to CS would be a waste of their time.

Also, I agree with @humanissocial, these reviews are so important, as it did protect me from toxic buyers in the past.