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By mistake started order without any buyer requirement

I have started an a order by mistake but the buyer did not give any work file and did not give any details of the work. And after ordering, the buyer has not contacted me yet. What can I do now?


Hi, This same thing happened with me too,Try to message the buyer Again and Contact CS ASAP! They will take 3-4days To reply but whenever they will respond to you they will fix all the stats like late delivery or order completion rate.

Outch! That happend to me once. Send a message to your client asking for the requirements and lets hope that he answer. Good luck!

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I wonder how did you start order by mistake even if buyer didnt give any information about what you are suppose to work on ? just question !
was it custom offer you sent to buyer ?
or buyer placed order directly and you choose option that says you have all the information you need ?

On new orders (without instructions) there is a link that says something like ‘I have everything I need’. If the seller clicks on this then the countdown timer starts.

As far as I know, that’s the only way such an order can start, and to be honest it’s not that easy to do it accidentally - it would be quite a deliberate action!


buyer placed order directly and i choose option that says you have all the information you need.

Sir you have an argument but I made a mistake. I opened it in mobile apps and then it started after accidentally touching.

thanks whiteboard_007

thanks filomena_silva

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