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By Remaining Online 24 hours can i get a job?

By remaining online can i Get job on fiverr ? and plz help me out… how can i get job on fiverr???


There is a chance, you should response as soon as possible against any request to get any job


By Remaining Online 24 hours can i get a job?

What are you a zombie? :zombie:

My goodness!

Being online 24/7 doesn’t guarantee a thing. Get some :zzz: sleep and have a good meal :spaghetti: while you’re at it.


For your data entry gig, try to offer a little more than the competition.

For your logo/design gig, use Gimp instead of Paint. Gimp is a free software that will allow you to create more professional-looking designs.


but how should i response … you i never seen any …

tnx i will try it as you recommended

First line of my every gig is “I will reply within 60 seconds. Can’t believe? Give it a try.” And yes, I get back to my clients within 60 secs. If you read reviews on my gig, you will notice how most of my clients appreciate my response time. This helped me to get lot of business. If you reply to inquires before you competitors do, you definitely have a better chance of getting the deal.

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Nice very very nice thnx for the tip i will try my best to do so…

hahhahahah i will try to take some sleep

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And have you always kept to this? If so, why?

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I am also surprised by reading these lines…

There is a chance.
But how would you do it?

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Great, just like :milk_glass:, sleep does the body good! :wink:


By remaining online 24/7 can I get a job on Fiverr?

Of course!

You just need to title your gig:

I will weigh down your spare mortuary shelf for $5

Just remember to optimise your gig with tags and a great gig copy.

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Which type of work you are talking about ???

I think you have lot of experience about healthy and active life if you have more than you can share more tips with me…

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Ok i will try to act upon your advice …

My goodness … you will got a gob or not … it will make to you admit at the hospital.

Make you you gig and gig title more attractive to get more impressions and views.
Market it as much as you can, to reach your targeted customers.
Setup mobile alerts for quick response.
Communicate well at inquiries you recived
Read more and learn more at discussed tips at this forum.

This may help you to get more orders than being only for 24hrs

Thank you

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No. Focus on your gig title, gig description, prices, portfolio, and competition.

Fiverr is a search platform. I never care if a seller is online or offline. I don’t message sellers unless they ask for it, and if they do, I often hire someone else.

The best thing you can do is go to sleep, and wake up to new orders. Sometimes the more you sleep, the more orders you get. You might wake up at 9am and find only 2 orders, but if you sleep until 2pm or 4pm, you might find 5.

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You are right irshan cool and i am reading as you recommended i also want to communicate more with you…