By Request: Portraits by jonbaas


Here’s a little something different for the forum.

I was asked by @ssj1236 and @zeus777 to share some images of my graphite (i.e., pencil) portraits. I had made a comment in the topic (linked below) about the fact that I draw portraits for fun, and by drawing for fun, I am also improving my drawing skills. These two users eagerly asked to see some of my work, so I have obliged their request.

Now, please keep in mind, I have a degree in art and MANY years of experience – I’ve been drawing images like this for over 25 years – I’ve had plenty of practice. Nonetheless, I was asked to share some of my portraits, so, by request… here they are. Enjoy!

Perhaps this topic will serve as inspiration for others to keep practicing your skills as well. :wink:

This is the source thread for the requests to see some of my portraits:

And these are seven of many portraits that I have drawn:

Here’s a little background information about each portrait (from left to right).

Title: "Girl in the Shadows"
This was a unique portrait, originally drawn as part of the cover art for a movie. The movie was, ultimately, not released, so the rights to the artwork returned to me.

This portrait is against a black background because it was drawn in reverse. I used my pencils to draw the areas that would be white – on white paper, and then digitally inverted the drawing. This, then, turned the dark pencil areas white, and the background became black. What you see is the inverted drawing, as if the girl in in the portrait was sitting in the dark, with a spotlight shining upon her.

This is one of my favorite drawings, as I love playing with light and dark.

Title: "Rhonda"
This was a client request, and was a portrait of that client.

Title: "Samantha"
This was a client request, and was a portrait of that client.

Title: "Eagle"
This portrait of an endangered bald eagle, was submitted to a large regional art competition, and won first place. It remains one of my favorite pencil portraits – and is the favorite of many others as well.

Last three = Kingon portraits
I am a Star Trek fan. Many years back, I created a series of portraits for a variety of people in which I drew them as if they were aliens in Star Trek. Most of those people asked to be drawn as Klingons. So, these last three portraits are three samples from that series of Klingon portraits…

So, there you have it.

In response to the linked forum thread, yes, it is, most definitely, possible to become good at something just by practicing your skills – on your own, just for fun. You don’t need gig sales in order to improve your skills. Anyone who truly believes that is just making excuses. If you have a hobby, or a skill you love, keep practicing. Practice, practice, practice. The more you practice, the better you will become.

The only thing holding you back from improving your skills, is YOU.

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Hello from beautiful British Columbia!

I really like the Girl in the Shadows.
Thank you so much for sharing!! :smiley:

I on the other hand, I suck with portraits.
I’ll just stick to my comic-manga-like style, hahaha.


(clap clap clap)

Amazing Jon!
I like your zeal and tenacity.
I also think the same. Everything I have done or become is as a result of self-learning/development and I always have an optimistic mindset.

Impressed by these portraits.



So you’re a writer who can draw as well? Lucky you! My favorite is the blond next to the black picture.


I have many talents. :wink:

Writing, drawing, and acting (mentioned in past topics) are just three of them.


Thank you. I’m glad to have had the opportunity to share them.


You’re welcome. Thank you for requesting that I share them. :wink:

We all have different talents, and different levels of those talents. That’s what makes each and every one of us unique!


O_O Mate, these are crazy good. Like way too good. I can’t put into words how impressed I am. As someone who can’t even draw a proper circle this is just mind blowing.


Thank you!

I’ve been known to do that. :stuck_out_tongue:


Envy: what I feel right now, because I suck at portraits and people; I’m great at environments & colored pencil paintings though :eyes:

Delight: what I feel when I see pure graphite drawings.

Impressed: how I am finding yet another of your talents.

Baased: a verb I just made up, used as “You were baased!” when you make a crowd speechless of wow-ment.


Environments and colored pencil can be stunning too! :slight_smile:

Yep. Nothing but graphite/pencil in these.

I’ve been lucky to have had many opportunities for creativity in my life. We all have talents, it’s just a matter of taking those talents, fine-tuning them, and turning them into something great that other people can enjoy.

I love it! I’ll add it to my dictionary. :stuck_out_tongue:


Amazing! You are a true artist. :+1:


No words., amazing work., love it. :blush:


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Fabulous Jon! I always admire folks who have artistic talent like yours - thank you so much for sharing these! :bouquet:


That’s a lot of clapping. I almost feel like I should take a bow. You know, those dramatic stage bows. :wink:


You’re welcome. I’m glad you enjoy them. :slight_smile:


:heart_eyes: so nice artworks. You are really good at ART. :clap: :clap:


Wow! Nice sketches @jonbaas. Second one is especially good. It’s angelic!!

*From someone who draws a Donkey for a Horse… and insists, “No! That’s just a short fat horse.:man_facepalming:


Wow, these are fantastic Jon! So, where’s your portrait drawing gig? :thinking: