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Bye Fiverr!


I’m new to Fiverr and created my first Gig yesterday. I linked to my ‘’ page and from there to my portfolio (where you cannot buy anything). It’s just a portfolio showcase site. This was not approved by Fiverr!

They want my money if I sell something but they don’t let me showcase my work and sell?

OK, Fiverrr, I just deleted my Gig and will not sell anything here and look for another selling site.

Was nice to meet you Fiverr! At least I have a story to tell around :slight_smile:

Bye and best regards!

You just did not understand how Fiverr works. You should put photos in your porfolio here on Fiverr and then you can link to Flikr.

Posting a blogspot page, it is not about buying something it is about someone being able to contact you personally.

Fiverr does not work for everyone. Good luck with your regular website.


Thanks for the advice, I know that already, but:

"SoundCloud is a online audio distribution platform, that enables its users to upload, record, promote, and share their originally-created sounds."
I’m not a musician, I make web applications!

"Flickr is an image hosting and video hosting website"
I’m not a photographer or video artist, I make web applications!

"YouTube is a video-sharing website"
Once again, I’m not a video artist, I make web applications!

So where can I put my portfolio which consist of screenshots, descriptions, user manuals, demo applications and client references?

By the way, I have no problem with swinging doors but with people who have to write stupid things :slight_smile:


Thanks for your answer. The problem is that I (and I think every other web developer) has a lot of different files and types in his portfolio (like screenshots, descriptions, user manuals, demo applications and client references).
And my portfolio is already created and can not be transferred to Flickr in an easy way.
At least it should be possible to put a lot more photos here at Fiverr…
Have a nice day!

Hello blackneron, fiverr has a few rules about leading buyers to certain off-fiverr sites and since you were new you did not realize this. You might be able to find another way to show your work samples. Why allow this to discourage you to the point of leaving?

Reply to @kjblynx: I know that some other links are now allowed as well, so I kind of doubt the story here in it’s entirety. There are sellers using blogspot for samples legitimately (with permission I imagine) so I think there were probably copyrighted images, other issues, contact info not admitted here, or something. Other sellers in this seller’s category will probably be glad to lose the competition, however. :slight_smile:

Reply to @blackneron: The definition of portfolio on Fiverr would not include some of the things you mention here. Client references would be one that could easily be questionable, but since you are leaving after a brief try, there isn’t much point in discussing it further. Good luck elsewhere.

@fonthaunt: Yes, exactly that’s what I did. I linked to blogspot like stated in the “Basic FAQs for Sellers”:

And then they told me that this is not allowed…

Fiverr Customer Support

@fonthaunt: “but since you are leaving after a brief try, there isn’t much point in discussing it further”

Yes, you are right with that, but there are a lot of other people here at Fiverr which have a problem with exactly the same. Just search this forum for “external links” and you will see. Fiverr does not loose anything if I’m not here but they could take my input to improve their services for other authors…
All the best and regards!

Reply to @blackneron: I have seen a few sellers who do digital art use flickr. It isn’t just for photography or video.

Reply to @blackneron: but most of that you can put right here in Fiverr. YOu can put screenshots, you can put pictures of user manuals, if you have demo applications, great, make a video of them at work doing a screen capture kind of thing. Put a description in the video as one slide.

As for client references, you can take a screen snapshot of their testimonial and put a picture of that in your Fiverr portfolio or as one slide in a video.

There are many ways to have all of this be right here in Fiverr. YOu just have to think creatively.

What was the actual title of the gig you were trying to sell here? Look at other sellers offering similar types of things to see how they do it. It will give you ideas.