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Bye folks - I'm tired

After 18 months on Fiverr I’m tired. Fiverr was great for building my portfolio and I’m grateful for that and I’ll always recommend it to Buyers and new Sellers! However, it’s come to the point where the bad has outweighed the good where I’m concerned.

I’m tired of giving away my work to people who have no idea the value they’re getting and haggle over price.
I’m tired of not being able to communicate properly with clients on artistic projects through a limited communication system.
I’m tired of Buyers not bothering to read my gig and ordering my artistic work like they’re ordering a food blender online.
I’m tired of Buyers who expect me to read their mind.
I’m tired of working with Buyers who aren’t familiar with my industry.
I’m tired of feeling guilty for being the person who drives down the market value of my profession.
I’m tired of fearing the next Buyer is going to screw me over and I’ll have worked for free.
I’m tired of Buyers with unrealistic expectations.
I’m tired of fearing Buyers will ruin me with a poor review.
I’m tired of technical glitches.
I’m tired of watching a handful of Sellers get all the work.
I’m tired of trying for the TS status that’s more like the Holy Grail.
I"m tired of struggling to get better page rank.
I’m tired of perverts contacting me.
I’m tired of resellers playing me.
I’m tired of fearing my gig/account being hacked.
I’m tired of Buyers wanting me to do illegal and unethical things.
I’m tired of the business-culture divide that exists between me and Buyers not from my country.
I’m tired of fearing a chargeback.
I’m tired of giving up 20% and getting very little in return.
I’m tired of being treated like an employee of Fiverr by Buyers who fail to understand I’m an independent contractor.
I’m tired of being restricted in my business/career.
I’m tired of fearing an arbitrary removal of my gig by CS.
I’m tired of feeling exploited.


All the best to you :wink: Hope you find something that doesn’t make you tired!

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Just let your account lay dormant, you never know.

Bye, for now.

It’s too bad you’ve come to a point where you feel so burnt out.
Still, I am glad to hear that Fiverr did help you build a good portfolio.

I’m not sure if you will change your mind and stick around or leave, but if you do decide to
delete your account and leave Fiverrland, I wish you all the best!!


You know how you shouldn’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry? Maybe consider taking a break from Fiverr for a week or so and then reassess?

I hope things work out, regardless. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I hope you decide to stick around awhile. Maybe you could take a vacation.

The only three things on your list that annoy me are the technical glitches which have gotten much better in recent months overall, the divide you mention in business cultures, which I just deal with, and buyers not reading the gig description.

The rewards of working on fiverr outweigh everything for me. It’s not for everyone though.

Whatever you decide I hope it all works out for you.

Sad to hear that!

Sounds like you need a super long vacation from freelance work.

I get you. My question is, how different will it be outside Fiverr besides technical specifications and TOS regarding the site?
Clients usually have same types of concerns here, via direct contact or any other platform.

Have you considered instead of leaving, trying to make a balance? Perhaps having projects on different places an not only here? Just to give it a try and evaluate how different things are or aren´t.

It can be exhausting, and vacation mode could be a good option right now.

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You know, after reading through what you have written, Fiverr sounds like an awful place.
However, after looking again, there are really only 3-4 of those which are actually “because of Fiverr” and of those, your “fear of removal”, “trying for TRS” and “struggle for page rank” are more your issues than Fiverr’s.
Everything else is down to you, buyers and how you deal with them - not Fiverr.

Anyway, I wish you every success in what you do from here but I would warn you that there is no holy grail where you can avoid the majority of these issues.


Fiverr can do this to you. I think it is refreshing to source work from more than one place. Fiverr is an important part of my business, but not the only place I get work from. Maybe this could be the way forward for you?

I think you should take a little break from the Fiverr. Turn that vacation mode on, but don’t delete your account. Forget about Fiverr for some days/weeks. Then think back how your life was when you were selling on Fiverr.

Bye and all the best!
90% of the tired reasons are not happen only on fiverr but everywhere.
I am so sorry to say but you can be tired everywhere.


same life continues and we must continue fighting against all the adversities that no doubt will one day knock on our door … good luck.

And yes, you gave me a list to make a new post on my blog titled “25 Reasons why you should never sell on Fiverr”. This will definitely help me get rid of some upcoming competition and also bring some new buyers to the platform, once it becomes popular.

The first post is the winner of the most depressing post ever contest. :cry:

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Don’t delete your account. Take a long break and come back in say 6-7 months if you feel better. Fiverr is not really a bad place, you just need some time off.


Good luck to you, but wow…that list of stuff. Reminds me of the old joke,

“Other than that Mrs. Kennedy, how’d you like the parade?”

Flame away.


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You left out from your list:

Government agencies watching us getting ready to crack down: :policeman:


I feel you on this one! It’s a concern of mine, and I’m considering changing my niche here because of it. Nonetheless, I hope you find success and fulfillment wherever you go next!!

Undercutting happens all the time. There will always be people offering their services at a lower price.

I might have been tempted to say, “Why didn’t you charge more?” This has less to do with being on fiverr than it does with pricing yourself as the Wal-Mart of fiverr.