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Bye-Pass the Queue and Get Your Delivery Superfast

Many buyers come to fiverr looking for a super fast delivery which was probably the reason why they outsourced in the first place.

So how do I get my job delivered fast from a great seller who probably has tons of other jobs on queue?

First of all, when getting a seller, as much as jobs on queue probably tell how great they are, there are still sellers who are equally good without jobs on queue.

This could mean efficient.

Therefore, first thing first is to look for a free seller who has good resume and ratings or who has as little queue as possible.

Secondly, communicate with the seller on your desire to get your job delivered as fast as possible. If possible, less than the average time stipulated.

Thirdly, offer to pay more for a super fast job. To get the attention of any seller to deliver super fast whether he has more on queue or not is to pay a little more for a quicker delivery.

With any of the above tips, you can get your orders faster than expected all the time.

its okay. either way its true.

Reply to @jrpritts: 4-days is not bad, I do mine in 3-days, 24-hour with extra, some do 2-days for extra.

I agree wholeheartedly with the communication aspect. As a seller, I appreciate receiving a message before an order is placed; it helps me to give the buyer an accurate quote on price and time, as well as ensuring I fully understand their requirements. My average delivery time is listed as 4 days, but that is just a safety net for me in case something else comes up. Often times I will finish an order the same day it’s placed, and communicating beforehand will let the buyer know that their order will be delivered faster than shown.

Also, I agree that there are many sellers without a large queue that are just as good as the featured sellers, but I am biased so… :).

Definitely agree with the first and second tips – especially communication! A seller’s response time to your inbox messages can also be a good indication of how quickly they’ll respond to messages on the gig itself.

I’d actually love to see Fiverr add a feature showing typical time to delivery for each gig. I have my gigs all set to four days because I’m on a weird time zone (Indochina Time) compared to my predominately US-based buyers, and because I have a day job, but I’ve never actually taken more than two days to deliver. It would be nice to see that reflected somehow :slight_smile:

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Reply to @luckygutsy: I agree! I am in England, which messes the time zones up enough. Many times I have completed orders 1 hour after it was purchased, but there is no way to display that.

@corsara: That is so unfair, i wish there was a way fiverr could fix that.


I so agree with you luckygusty… If 90% of buyers will communicate, then sellers would almost have no troubles…

Definitely agree

@ meggananderson: very true. Many buyers don’t take their time to read through seller’s gig before placing their order. Well, even after orders that don’t go with my delivery frame are placed, i make sure to discuss it so as to straighten it out to know if to deliver or to mutually cancel

I definitely agree.

communication is ket to successful transaction on fiverr

I sold an average of 3 days, although there is no queue sales

I share the same sentiments, I dont like the queue either, so as the orders come in I try to deliver in a quick time frame if not I let my buyers know.

All my deliveries are in 12 hours. No gig extra.

Wow, how many orders I have in my queue has absolutely NOTHING to do with how fast someone gets an order. Not at all! If someone needs a 24-hour rush, they will simply have to pay like MY GIG PAGE ALREADY STATES. But most buyers think that they are exempt from reading a seller’s gig page prior to unboxing/ordering for some reason.

@ seobookmarkbest: good thing about delivering as they come is that some buyers like to come, place their order and be sure to get it at the stipulated time. You get very loyal customers doing this especially if your job done is superb

@ myvideoservice: i so agree with “Never order the gig , then ask for a faster delivery… especially without ordering their extra fast delivery”. Great

great opinions

Reply to @meggananderson: So true! This happens to me and drives me nuts.

as a seller, if i’m not busy with my offline local job, i will delivered to my buyer earlier than the deadline ( sometimes within 4,5h hours ) even buyer don’t pay for extra gig. I don’t want to see too many orders queuing on my gig ( but i saw top rate sellers have nearly 100 order in queue :D, so of course they can’t do like me )