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Byers add new item every revision and order me another revision 5 time he do this. I am worried what can I do


I am new so generally I am so much worried about my new project. First project I completed so quick and nicely and buyer give me a good review with nice commend. Lucky next night I got another job All USA Dental clinic owner name and others information I collect all data just 3-4 hours. I submit file but he not accept he add a item that was he want only business email ok 2 hours later I correction and get extra time this time he add he want just florida address, next he add that business he want that creat only first or last name. I try to satisfied but now I realize he just enjoy it. 6 time I revision but still now he add new requirement. I don’t understand what can I need to do. If I cancel order what is the effect to get next project.



Don’t cancel your order. if you cancel your order then it’s dificult to get some new order. because when you cancel a order it will increase your cancellation rate. That’s not a good for your freelancing career.
Note: I’m also new seller. if i tell anything wrong plz pardon me.


Unfortunately your packages include unlimited revisions.
You are facing the collateral effects of your promise, and of a disorganized or careless customer, at the same time.

I have a very limited experience on Fiverr, but I remember the statement of a prominent businessman of the past. He used to say that a bad deal is better of a successful lawsuit.

Complete the job as required.
Then remove the “unlimited revisions” from your packages and rewrite the job requirements in a more restrictive way.


That is the fact, if I cancel increase my cancellation rate increase If not he continue this and get a chance for bad feedback, I never this type of person.


I would suggest to change the unlimited revisions feature from your gig. secondly there are many buyers out here who would constantly ask for revisions so that sellers get sick of it and ultimately cancel the order. Win- win for the buyer. so you have to decide on whether to cling on to this order or let it go and learn from this


Thanks, must change unlimited revision status.


What are the worst poor feed back or cancellation rate increase ??


II don’t know this, but I suggest you to think about the following.

If you cancel you will prove that you are unable to deliver something that you promised.
I am sure that this was beyond your intentions, but reality is that you start promoting yourself as someone that is good in everything, ready to deliver in any case to satisfy your customer, and end with the idea that is convenient to leave the customer on his own as his requests start to pile up.

In the best case scenario, negative rating or not, this labels you as an inexperienced person, that is not even hable to handle its own work, and it will be less likely that someone else will trust you in the future.

Try to act as nothing was happened, and deliver. Except in one case: stop when the work for this customer starts to interfere with the delivery of other works, or with your personal life.
In these cases you have the right reasons to put the story to an end.


Do not think to cancel the order, as a new seller it will impact more than level 1 or 2 seller, also do not remove ‘unlimited revision’ since it is not a guarantee that then you will not get asked for revision. You will always find some tough buyer, you have to learn how to handle them politely.


I think you should not cancel the order and tolerate him for the time being. Since you are a new seller, it’s very hard to find a buyer! Also, a massive holiday is coming soon and for that reason, we all have to wait for a long time to get orders since most of the buyers are from USA & UK.
So hang in there and finish it no matter what!