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BYOB (Be your own Buyer)

I think Fiverr could benefit from having a system in place where sellers could place a dummy order on themselves to test the process from the buyers point of view. I want to setup my gigs and requirements in a way that make the experience as seamless as possible, and that is hard since I work in a field that demands a lot of communication and each project is always very different. However, I can’t really see how it works to order one of my gigs, unless I ask a friend with an account or place an order with somebody else, which feels kinda weird.

This feature would help me fine tune the whole process, between requirements, questions, see how pricing works with the fees (atm I never really know how much a buyer is actually spending, since they keep changing the fees), see what the buyer is and isn’t agreeing to, etc.

Can anyone see any drawbacks in a system like this?


I’ve bought from other sellers and found the process very enlightening. I understood better what to do with my own gigs/orders. You don’t have to spend much. Order a profile logo or video from another Fiverr seller and learn from the process.


I would make some serious adjustments to the layout of the gig pages. I know they changed it around to make it work on more types of devices, but when they did that they also made it so apparently my extras aren’t seen much if at all.

I don’t like having to click the order button on gigs just to see what extras are offered but I’ve been forced to do that and most people won’t.


While your idea sounds positive, I doubt Fiverr will ever allow it, because this opens the door for bad sellers to buy from their own gigs in order to inflate their orders, sales, or reviews and make themselves look more popular. That cheats the system.

I think @helenabester offered an excellent idea. Place an order from another seller, and take note of the process from the buyer side. Then you’ll be able to better guide your own buyers as they place orders from you.


What is there to test? You go to requirements, you write whatever you want.

What you see is what your buyer sees.

I disagree. I learnt a lot buying from others. How the system works, where to find messages from the seller, how it looks on my side when the seller messages me, oh, too many things to mention. Try it, you won’t be sorry.


It’s too confusing for me. I want to see the extras a seller offers and get discouraged when I can’t find them. I want simplicity.
Amazon has a two click BUY NOW feature that makes is super fast and easy.

It just asks for confirmation of your shipping address and then you click and your done.

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? It doesn’t cheat the system. it’s a dummy order. No money will be exchanged, no review left, etc. No real order will be placed, it’s just a simulation. It looks like I’m placing an order from my perspective, but no order is really being placed, it’s just for show, to allow me to see how it looks like to order from myself.

It doesn’t help bad sellers at all. It does help good sellers that want to improve the experience of ordering from them.

Ordering from someone else just to check works somewhat if they are selling something similar to you, but it’s a work-around, feels somewhat fishy. It’s something you do with no interest to buy from them anyway. It’s a trick. Maybe I should have made that clearer, I’m not suggesting sellers can order from and rate themselves, that’s insane lol


This can easily be achieved by selecting a different seller, placing a small order, and becoming familiar with the process you experience as a buyer from that other seller’s gig. If you absolutely must know what things are like for a buyer, then you’ll be willing invest the small-order price to learn the process. There are thousands of unique services here on Fiverr. I would imagine there is at least one that interests you enough to pursue a small order as a buyer.

I don’t think Fiverr is likely to put themselves into a situation where sellers can buy from themselves – whether it be a real order, or a test order. Even if you feel your idea may be well-intentioned, there is always a bad seller desperate enough to find a way to manipulate that suggested feature to their benefit as a seller. Not having that feature removes that possibility of creative manipulation.

Plus, Fiverr actually encourages sellers to be buyers. There is no need to self-test on your own gig with a “dummy order”, when you easily can learn the process fairly, and appropriately as a buyer of any other service. I’m a buyer and a seller, and I know many other veteran sellers who are as well. I encourage you to give it a try sometime. You’ll learn the buying process, you’ll meet other sellers, and you’ll become a more rounded user on this site. That’s a win-win, all around.

EDIT: It’s also worth noting, buyers see the exact same order questions you have access to edit within your gig edit pages. So, what you write there, is what the buyer sees. You wouldn’t need to order from yourself in order to have any other perspective of your gig that you don’t already have.

This. That’s why they’ll never implement the feature enabling sellers to “buy” from themselves.


If I need a service, I’ll buy. But I’m not going to buy just to see how it works. That’s wasting money. I can do that for free. Fiverr isn’t really gaining anything by not allowing us to “preview” our order page.

Maybe I didn’t express myself as well as I could, it wouldn’t need to be a proper order, just a way to see the page as a buyer, like you have a button where you can see your own profile as if you were a buyer.
They didn’t need that button, you could simply log out or open a private browser window, and you could see your profile as a buyer. But it’s convenient, and very useful for when you’re setting up and tweaking things.

I can see how my profile and my gigs look from a buyer perspective, but I can’t see how the order page looks, and that would be useful. Fiverr would lose little to no sales by allowing that.

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Good sellers are willing to invest in their own knowledge, experience and marketing – and that includes monetary investment. If you learn something as a buyer, and you experience the buyer process, then nothing is wasted.

Like my fellow veteran seller, @catwriter said, Fiverr is not likely to implement “dummy orders”. I just don’t see it happening, since they already encourage sellers to be buyers as well.


@jonbaas Welcome back Jon, missed you!


Thank you. It’s good to be back. :slight_smile:


Another alternative could be to have a Preview section of the process for one’s own gig. I’d really like that.

Nice to see you again, by the way!


YouTube tutorials on how to buy on Fiverr.
Not the best alternative, but it’s better than nothing.


That doesn’t mean you have to buy your own gig to learn about your gig. That’s like playing chess against yourself.

Also, when my buyers order one of my gigs, I know they get this message:

"Thanks for your order!

Tell me as much or as little as you want, but be specific. For example, “I need a cool headline for a T-Shirt promoting hockey” or “I want funny headlines about Realtors” or “I’m brainstorming ideas for a Duck Dynasty T-shirt, can you help.”

P.S. I’m getting a lot of orders, that’s why you won’t hear from me unless I have questions or the order is done. Thanks for understanding."

So why would I need to order my own gig when I know what my buyers are seeing?

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I have done just that off and on through out my Fiverr Career.


I first came across Fiverr as a buyer … and occasionally still buy things. It’s worth doing, just to see how things have changed over the years.

And welcome back @jonbaas - I missed you, too :slight_smile:


Thank you. It’s good to have been missed. :slight_smile: