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BYOB Can anyone explain?


Can anyone explain me about BYOB? any Advantage ?


The only thing I know that stands for is “bring your own bottle” meaning if you are in a restaurant or party you supply your own alcoholic drinks. But there might be another meaning someone else is familiar with. :tumbler_glass:


Bring your own buyer? Huh. @tanmoy_biswas we can help you better if you spell out the acronym.


It is the new feature of Fiverr. I want to know about it. kindly.


@wooden_fish yes, I mean it. “Bring your own buyer”



You can market your gigs on social media or share with family and friends. I do believe there’s a way you can generate a custom order HTML that you can post on a website. Beyond that I don’t think there’s really a “feature” for it.

The advantage is more exposure and your gigs will get ranked better in the Fiverr search. If you combine it with a referral link you can earn even more.


This is why it’s annoying for them to release updates to select buyers.


I found this:


Thanks to all for important information.


Yeah, saw that too. Closest I have is this.[username]/manage_sales_promotion


Here you go:


@misscrystal thanks a lot for this video link.


I had this thing hanging in my Selling menu for months but never paid attention to it. I wonder if the September sales drop is somehow connected to this showing up there. Be self-sufficient, bring your own orders in, that sort of thing.

Most of my customers outside of fiverr don’t speak English and prefer to have lengthy conference calls so I don’t really see myself bringing them over to the site either way.


This is great, no 20% commission if we bring our own buyers.

edit: I don’t have that.:frowning_face:


If I got to keep the 20% that Fiverr took, honestly it would make me more eager to get my own clients on here lol.


I really dont understand this.

It’s a way to advertise fiverr, then you give fiverr 20% from your buyers and then get it back.

Honestly, why someone would take so much work to create an invoice (which takes time to get your commission back, 30 to 60 days), if sellers can do faster and better, directly outside fiverr?

Seriously, sometimes, strategies like this tilts my brain.


If you read it closely it says " If your client uses your link, and is a new to Fiverr,"
That means on the first order only, the way I read it.
I looks like it’s their traditional referral program that’s been re-skinned.


Had a bad experience with this scheme, stay away. Brought my customer here thinking I will get paid immediately after the order has marked as completed, but that didn’t happen as promised (check the screenshot). I will be paid after 12 days as usual, and my commission gets stuck-up for 2 months, even I don’t know how much I will have to accumulate in commission to get paid, because $28 that I had now isn’t sufficient.

I had opened a ticket with support, and found no one is aware of this “immediate payment” thing even when when I copy/pasted the text. They asked me to provide a screenshot which I provided, but they didn’t take any action :frowning: