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BYOB - Communicating with Buyers Question

I just recently gained access to the Bring Your Own Buyer function, but I am a little hazy on how this works with buyers I bring to the platform.

So for instance, let’s say I have a client who usually communicates via email, I send them a link to create a Fiverr account for their next order, then does that mean they can only communicate with me via Fiverr from there on out? Is there an exception to this rule when it comes to bringing your own clients you already work with?

Since the program would give me commissions on any sales they make with OTHER sellers as no longer take a commission on any buyers I bring, it looks promising. Still, I don’t want to upset current clients by forcing them to stop all communications via email or other platforms they are currently comfortable with to work with me on Fiverr.

The idea behind not communicating outside the platform is guaranteeing Fiverr doesn’t lose their cut. If there’s no cut to begin with, and if you were communicating outside before, makes no sense to stop.

Have you found anything that verifies this is okay? Can you show me a link if you have?

No, I haven’t really looked into it. I see no advantage in BYOB when I can work direct with clients, no need for a platform. But it stands to reason that if you bring a client from outside, you were already contacting them outside beforehand - and since Fiverr is making $0 on that transaction, why should they care? Even if it’s not stated explicitly that it is allowed, there’s no way to control or enforce such a nonsense rule.

It is explained here:

There is a Contact Us icon at the bottom of the article if you have further questions.

No, it’s not - it doesn’t mention outside communications one single time.

I couldn’t find an answer about communication policies in that article, so I sent a help request. Thanks for showing me where to ask.

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Updating with my response from support. Apparently if I bring a buyer to Fiverr, I have to stop all communications outside of Fiverr with them. This is a pretty big deterrent to me for bringing business here.

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Ahah, Fiverr really likes shooting themselves in the feet. BYOB is worthless under those rules.