BYOB didn't pay immediately :(


Just completed my first BYOB order :slight_smile: The order is marked as completed by the buyer leaving a 5 star rating, but on the earnings page, it’s still showing the funds will be released after 12 days. Why so Fiverr?

This is a copy/pasted text which clearly mentions, the funds will be released immediately after the order completion:

  • Instant payout Receive payment immediately from the moment the order is completed.


I realised, there isn’t any gain in bringing your customers here on Fiverr. Even though promised, I won’t get my earnings immediately, and my commission is stuck up. It says, I don’t have enough money to transfer, but doesn’t mention the threshold, so I think I can’t ever withdraw my commission.

Very bad experience with BYOB scheme. I am discouraged use it :frowning: