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BYOB payment not reflecting on account

I sent support ticket to CS and they said they cannot handle cases related to BYOB commission, and so I sent an email to instead. But no reply from them as well.

My issue is, I got a client that registered a new Fiverr buyer account thru my BYOB link. The order he purchased was completed, but there is no reflect on the payment on my seller account, nor on the affiliate account which I created? I clearly know the 20% amount will be credited to me by 30 days later, what I want to know is whether this order is made through the BYOB or not, as there is no differentiation between normal orders and this.

I not sure if I still want to use this platform for introducing clients to Fiverr…

If any CS from the affiliate site can see this, please help. Any help will be appreciated.


Hi there.

I have used the BYOB feature numerous times and I am not sure I understand what you are saying.

If the order was completed then you can already see that the 80% is now entering the clearing phase as it would with any other order.

As for the 20%, that will only appear on your affiliate dashboard 30 calendar days after the fact. It won’t appear on your Fiverr dashboard.

Something very important you need to note is that this will only happen if your buyer was a first time user, and if they registered via your link.


You can’t know if the person accepted cookies in their browser and then used that same browser to make the purchase if they had already opened the link once unless you have a record of that.

This is the nature of affiliate marketing. Your partner company can only pay what they have proof of in their cookies.

It isn’t a glitch and you don’t get to override it by contacting support. It is all based on cookies and your URL.

Yes I do understand the 20% payout duration part.
Do you have to create another affiliate account beside your seller account?
I issue now is that when I click on the commission dashboard on my seller account, it redirected me to another site of affiliate page. On the page I created a new affiliate account.
Now my question to the CS is that where will my 20% goes to? As it not showing in my affiliate site either.
I sent support ticket to CS they said they cannot see info on the commission and asked me to Emil to
Till now no answer from both sides

Yes I been in IM for 20 yrs and I do know that cookie part so I even show my clients how to clear the cookie on their PC

If you followed the link from your fiverr seller dashboard then yes you did in fact need to create a new login there.

The registration -from your buyer- should appear on your affiliate dashboard and you just need to wait a month for the right to withdraw the funds. (Assuming they are over $50).

There are settings there you need to access in order to set up where the payment will go.

It used to be you could only do bank transfers but last time I used my affiliate dashboard they added the option for both paypal and payoneer.

I still don’t understand what your question is though.

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You just answered my question :slight_smile:
The problem is that nothing shown on my affiliate dashboard, so this make me uncertain whether my seller account and affiliate account are they both linked.

That’s because the BYOB platform is not 100% finalized.

To my knowledge (and I have spoken to the person who runs it several times) it is still a testing platform and not completely tied in with the Fiverr core platform.

As long as you can see the registrations on your dashboard and the login you created was made by following the link on your seller dashboard then you should be a-ok.

No need for any rants.


My only frame of reference for BYOB is bring your own booze can someone clarify what this is? Lol?

Here you go:

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Gotcha, thanks for the info!