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Bypass FB Photo Tag And Unlock Facebook Account

This Gig is special for those whose Facebook account is locked behind the photo tagging security check of FB…& Document Verification & Disable ID Reactivation

Note: Contact Me Before Ordering

I Can Unlock

Photo tagging verification

Document verification

Disable ID reactivation

I will bypass photo security check and unlock your facebook account.

Why should you buy ?

Money back guarantee100 % SatisfactionI will unlock your account forever

If You Have Any Question.You can Contact Me

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Reply to @madmoo: Friend check the description and dnt be mad!

who said that it will be on 100000000000000$ ? its onnormal $5 and yes its LEGAL its depending on talent n skills if you dnt have that then what i can say about your luck…

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@kylee1 Wow, that was a rather tough response. I looked at your gig. You stated it’s OK to ask questions before ordering. I see that it says it depends on numbers of friends so before I could order, I need to know how many friends. If I want my account unlocked, how many friends can I have for $5? Thanks.

Reply to @madmoo: Me too. After all, if I want this service I need to know if I need less friends or to buy more gigs!! I’m looking forward to my response. I don’t have the skills to unlock Facebook! :wink:

Reply to @madmoo: Hey dnt worry if you have any account i m here to unlocked That FOR FREE :slight_smile:

Reply to @fonthaunt: Just send me your details i will unlock your account dnt worry if you have 10000000000000000 friends only for $5 :slight_smile:

Reply to @fonthaunt: Really sorry for the wrong words which i may used actually at that tym i was very … hope you understand :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi. I don’t know what all the dots mean there, sorry. I really couldn’t order based on forum answers alone. The forum responses are interesting but the part about number of gigs says something different in your gig description. Why don’t you change it and make it clear for buyers? Like you could say (example only) that 1-500 friends is $5, 501-1000 is $20, 1001-5000 is $100 and over 5000 requires custom quote. You decide but put it right in the gig. If you do and I have time I can give you better feedback on your description.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Hy Friend!

You really dnt need to tell me anything about your fiends if you have 5000 friends i will unlock that on $5 :slight_smile: but pls contact me through inbox not here on forum :slight_smile:

Contact me through my fiverr inbox

deleting notes on here doesn’t go unnoticed

Reply to @madmoo: Hey why you are trying to discourage me?? Do You want should i leave Fiverr?? is This your property?? you plz go to contact another seller i will NEVER EVER WORK FOR YOU its just because of your ethics i was thinking that you have lot of experience and you will be much friendly like how others are but your behavior clear everything… do you want that no one join fiverr? or no one show their skills?? i think its just your dream bye…

and plz dnt comment anymore on my post…

Reply to @kylee1: So, regarding your post about the 5000 friends, here is the problem and I’ll make it super simple. Your gig description right now clearly states:

"Charges are Based on number of friends you have in your fb account. if you have thousands of friends then you have to order multiple times of this gig."

5000 is thousands. It kind of sounds like you are offering me a special deal, 5000 for 1 gig because I’ve somehow made you nervous. I’m trying to do something really, really basic (Fiverr 101) which is to explain that you need to explain your prices plainly in your gig description. No one in this thread told you that you needed to leave Fiverr or edit your posts or anything like it.

You were just asked to say exactly what you offer to all buyers for 1 single $5 gig and you refuse to answer. Perhaps it is time for Fiverr staff to look into your account since you seem very, very defensive and refuse to go by the Fiverr Terms of Service.

As to your post below telling me to contact you off the forum, no thank you. You wrote a post in a public forum. Others have been direct but polite to you. You have not been so polite back and have edited posts to try to hide that. I sure don’t want to see what you’d say to me in a private message if you have shown this anger in the forum. Please fix your gigs to fit Fiverr’s Terms of Service. Please be polite on the forums. That’s it.

Reply to @madmoo: Just Checkout on the internet that 'MY ACCOUNT WERE LOCKED AND I CANNOT IDENTIFYING MY FRIENDS PHOTOS ON FACEBOOK" There are thousands of people are crying for the solution and i can provide them my service definitely i will unlock there accounts otherwise they can use -ive Reviews…

Reply to @kylee1: We understand what service you provide. The question was, why doesn’t your gig tell exactly what $5 covers (such as unlocking an account with up to 1000 friends) and how much more do people need to pay if they have more friends?

There is nothing wrong with saying they have to pay more than $5 for extra service! You just need to WRITE in your gig how your prices work. Right now it clearly says that the price is based on how many friends. Just write there EXACTLY HOW MANY. Can anyone who buys have 5000 friends and get their account unlocked for $5? If someone has more, at what friend count do they need to pay $10 instead?

If you can’t fix that, Fiverr can just shut down your gig. They will also do that if Facebook sends them a complaint about your service. It has happened to other sellers.

Reply to @madmoo: I think we’re being trolled at this point. Sigh… I doubt that the gig complies with FB ToS anyway so she can either fix the price point and hope they don’t catch her or leave it as is and violate both site’s policies. Maybe I’ll actually go to sleep tonight. We tried!