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C-Panel Access for web designer


I am in the process of using one of the sellers to setup new website, before I award the gig, I would like some advice on giving the seller our c-panel, password and user name.
Is this common practice?
What risk is this to us?

Any comments welcomed.


Yes but if you have trust on seller then give.


It depends why they need it.
For example, if my client is able to set up a fresh Wordpress installation and gives me access to Wordpress admin then that’s enough to develop their website.
However, if client asks me to do something where I definitely need cPanel access then there’s no other workaround. Although some hosting companies have the option to delegate access with limitations.

Well, they get access to your billing details, client information if you have any stored on your server, they can wipe everything (intentisonally or by mistake) and they can even set up backdoors for later use. I had a client who didn’t know that their previous developer had FTP access.


Almost all my clients give it when I ask for it,its a common practice because many tasks can’t be done without the file manager.Sometimes the designer may need to increase certain limits,make backups,etc so trust him and give it.If anything goes wrong,you can always reset your password.


No its not common practice for a web designer to ask for cpanel access. In many cases that might also be a term violation as allot of web hosting companies dont allow you to hand out your login information to unknown third parties.
Another issue is that as sellers are anonymous on fiverr you have no way of making sure they have liability insurance in case something goes wrong.

I recommend you either setup a development site separate from the main site or find a seller that only needs the relevant files to do the job.


It depends on the situation. If your seller wants to upload the website files to your hosting account, then there’s no need for him to have C-panel access. Giving him your FTP account details are enough so he can upload the files without accessing other parts of your account. (When giving a seller the FTP details of your account, you’re giving him the access to upload, delete or edit the files located in your hosting account which is mainly your website files.) And that’s what I normally do. Just ask for the FTP details so I could upload their files.

It’s totally safe to give out your FTP account details (There’s no damage could possibly be done to your ACCOUNT when a web designer have the FTP details of your account.). Once you got the website live, make sure to change the FTP password for extra safety!

Hope I understood your question correctly.


Thank you. That is very clear, I will check with the hosting company and ensure that I have protected the site


Thank you for the comments


I wouldn’t go that far :slight_smile:
FTP is redundant if you give WP admin access.

So, cPanel access only if there’s a good reason, otherwise WP admin will do. If you’re concerned about WP admin access then most professionals develop websites in a staging area on their own server. They would need access only for migration and even that can be avoided if you know how to click Next in migration plugin :wink:


Since the Post writer didn’t specify if it’s a WordPress website or a coded one, my comment was for if it’s not a WP website.

How would giving out your FTP details be unsafe? :thinking: That’s probably how most of us get it done.



Ignorance on my part as to the technicalities - on a WP website, this can be done through migration, if not then FTP?



Well since it’s a WP website, then I actually don’t have any experience using WordPress. I’m only specialized in creating fully coded websites and my comment was regarding a normal website not a WP one. You should go by @uxreview advice then. He’s an expert in the WP field!

Wish you success with your website! :tada: :tada:


Safer than cPanel -> Absolutely agree.
Totally safe - Nope, nothing is :slight_smile:

I already had a quick chat with Neil, but for others reading this thread I would always recommend asking from your developer what they need and why they need it. There are situations where cPanel access is needed, but in that case it has to be justified.

Always make a backup before you hire a developer and make sure you give them only temporary access. I’ve even added a task in my handover process to remind buyers to remove my access to their site. Almost half of them didn’t do it and I’m pretty sure some of them still haven’t done it.

That’s why I develop all my sites on my own server so that I need access only during project discovery and during migration. (3-4 hours max and then it’s done)


And if you really trust your designer, give your Cpanel access because in most cases,its way fast for me to work on it rather than using FTP. And I do make backups so clients can rest be assured.