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CA AB5 gig workers bill

Does anyone know whether the Bill in the CA legislature this week known as AB5 would affect Fiverr’s business relationship with sellers? I can’t tell if we fit into the exempt category or not as independent contractors.

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I’m not sure of this, but following!

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The complete Bill that was signed can be found here.

An the section referring to exemptions is SEC. 2. Section 2750.3 is added to the Labor Code. From what I can tell, any Fiverr Gig Sellers are exempt but I’m also not a legislator so interpreting this mess is a bit above my paygrade…:thinking:

That doesn’t apply to us for this reason:

Exemptions include this:

The person performs work that is outside the usual course of the hiring entity’s business. Also we set our own rates and hours and can negotiate directly our rates with clients. Employees don’t do this.

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Section 2

Sub 6 (A)

(viii) Payment processing agent through an independent sales organization.

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