🌵 No internet Connection 🎆


Last 2 days, I was fully jobless and work-less. because in my home , there was no Internet connection .
Have no idea why . I tried Phone company private company and my current Broadband provider.
But As usual All is in 0 connection . When I was outside of my home, Connection was okay . When I was in home, in my room or others room , No internet connection .

Its really Weird. ISP did not able to found out the problem . so they changed Everything’s. cable, IP, Whatever they had to change , everything’s they changed,

And finally Connection is back .

Without Internet its really tough to live. It was like hell :broken_heart: to me.

fact No 1: all connections not working
fact 2: may be its paranormal activity
fact 3; now, all connections is okay


… or a hacker attack from your competition :wink:

Ps: that was sarcastic… if you don’t know me I’m the sarcastic one on the Forums :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Wait, that’s more like a conspiracy - and I’m the conspiracy theorist one on the Forums :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice group in the Forums:
The sarcastic one
The conspiracy theorist
What else to add to this list? :smile:


Oh! No… Then you can also send us some theories