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Cade o site em Português (Brazilian)


Muito Interessante porem tudo em ingles… não possui nada em português ai fica difícil, não tem como trabalhar assim kkk

Mod Note: Translation via Google:

Very interesting, but everything in English … does not have anything in Portuguese, it’s difficult, there’s no way to work like this, lol


Sim, o fórum é apenas em inglês

Yes, the forum is only in English


If everyone noticed, the Administrator of the Forum did a bit of translation of Portuguese.

:warning: Please refrain from continuing to speak Portuguese as this is an English Language Forum.


I think we closed this topic. There is nothing else to say. We explained to the user that here the language must be English. :slight_smile:


To clarify this whole thread and why some posts were removed - some of the moderators are multi-lingual but not all are and not share the same knowledge. We are all fluent in English. In many posts the user may be new and may have a serious question or may have inadvertently violated a forum rule. When a post is written in another language and we can’t read it to answer it or moderate it, so we end up having to run it through translation.

This gets rather time consuming and while Google is VERY far from perfect, it generally can translate well enough to get a point across. It really helps the moderators if people either post in English or post a translation themselves. In this thread, a few more posts had been posted in Portuguese (I think) so those were removed just to avoid the translation issue. Thanks!

Ah - by the way - this is mentioned in the guidelines which are not strict rules but can be helpful. If anyone is interested they are in a post below the rules.


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