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Calendar integration

I think it is very complex to have only the timers in the gigs to guide us.
How about you integrate the callendar (google maybe) so we can automatically have our “delivery dates” there.
I think it would help us sort things out
Also while at it, maybe allow for zapier integration so we can use our CRM to market to our customers better.


I’m all about this! It’s a great idea that could come in really handy in multi-gig situations.

yeah, that would be a really good idea!

They already have it. :woman_facepalming:


where do you see it?
I can’t see it
Actually on the browser it does not even display that way

It’s only available for mobile at the moment. Integrating the calendar natively in the platform itself would be as good as allowing us to use a 3rd party calendar via the browser. We spend most of our time around the computer when doing our work so it would be handy.

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Huh - very nearly tempted to download the app … except it’s buggy …