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Call feature with-in fiverr

Hey Fiverland,

Anyone of yall ever wondered why fiverr does not have a voip call feature built-in? like other freelancing sites.

My guess is because Fiverr doesn’t want to be exactly like other freelancing sites. :wink:

Cause they can’t give chance to sellers to exchange contact info via voice call :joy:
Also, they will have to track calls to check any Fiverr TOS violation.

Personally, I think most freelancers want to stay on the platform. I use fiverr like an escrow lol

Of course, many of the freelancers don’t want to voilate Fiverr TOS. But there are some unprofessional sellers who take the risk of losing their account just to save a couple of bucks. They don’t understand that the 20% they give to Fiverr is something like “marketing your gigs” and “getting more exposure” because you know doing more jobs on Fiverr results in more reviews, revenues, sales and an overall boost to the stats.

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Yeah 20% for marketing is a good deal.

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