Call me Ranty McRanterson


So here’s a new thing that sucks: Potential clients from outside the Fiverr universe using “I"m currently only paying $5 on Fiverr for most of my work. Can you meet or beat that?” to try and get work that is literally worth hundreds to thousands of dollars! I love that Fiverr is a place to sell and buy MICRO jobs for little money. Awesome. And that many folks (myself included) offer quantity/quality that is worth far more than five or so bucks. Also Awesome. But people using it as a threat to get work at less than a fraction of 1% of the regular market value - disgusting! Honestly, people make me sick.


Well with the way the economy is. People are taking whatever they get including employers. But soon they will learn that being cheap won’t get you the best results. At least that’s in my opinion.


Oh, I do send them on their way - and I try politely point out that if they are so happy with the Fiverr work, why are they even looking for someone else?

The economy does play a part, but I believe it also has a lot to do with the media - everyone thinks they can be some hot-shot deal maker and build an empire if they are crafty enough because they saw a TV show or read an online article about being a millionaire at 25 years old. It wasn’t very long ago that the average person didn’t know what the word “outsourcing” even meant and importing was the domain of huge corporations.

Business has gone the same way as the arts - folks think if they get some software and a website they’re an entrepreneur or an artist. They don’t have a clue that it still takes skill, talent and experience to actually be good at something. :slight_smile: