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Calligraphy, why not? And what does a calligrapher do?

I am a writing nerd. I love my job of being a calligrapher and penman. My job is to use many different calligraphy alphabets as a guide for creating attractive texts and lettering, including poems, notes, letters, quotes, and stationary. I am also hired to write portions of diplomas, design certificates and event invitations, particularly wedding invitations, menus, envelopes.

I work with a number of different tools. I practice with bamboo reed pens, markers, dip pens and brushes. There are some particular pens for certain calligraphy style, for instance oblique pen holder or long tip brush.

It seems quite easy to write an alphabet but in fact it may take a lot of time to practice and get mastering my hand. Like singing or dancing or other skills, I have to practice everyday to upgrade my ability until I can write confidently perfect letters.

My gigs are all about calligraphy, obviously made 100% by hand. I do not use other softwares like Photoshop or Illustrators to even a single detail. Digital scan version is much cheaper than an original artwork since it does not bring a long the soul of the artist, and it is not "human". I will provide original for custom order, shipping to worldwide by FedEx, DHL or USPS.

Visit my gig for more information, and feel free to write me a message if you have any question:
Write a name in calligraphy:
Design a poster/wedding invitations/menus...:
Write quote/poem/text...:

Thank you for your consideration!

Calligraphy & Penmanship