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Calling all fiverr masterminds!

Hey y’all! I’m trying to do a research for a project on some of the content here on Fiverr and would love to hear about your experiences. Here are some questions,

  1. How did you get started/first hear about Fiverr?
  2. Is Fiverr a full time, part time, side gig, or other?
  3. How many orders do you receive each month?
  4. Are there any specific words/lingo that are unique or specific to Fiverr?
  5. What could be improved about Fiverr/the job experience
  6. What is the goal of the seller ranking system and do you like it/think it’s fair?
  7. Have you had an experience as a buyer on Fiverr?
  8. What’s your weirdest customer story?
  9. What are the biggest pros and cons about working on Fiverr?
  10. What’s your best/favorite customer story?

Answering any or all would be greatly appreciated, I’ll be presenting my research to my colleagues so let me know if it’s alright to give you a shoutout during my presentation!

Mod Note: This post has been moved to the ad category so that sellers are welcome to offer their gig links or custom offer quotes for answers to the OP questions. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum. I would suggest that you check into the creative writing or article categories if you need people to write about their freelancing/Fiverr experiences. If you don’t need the information to be written well or in solid English, you could find some people in other categories as well that would love to write for you.

Asking for this much content for free on the forum is a little unusual - it’s not like you are just asking one or two questions because you want to freelance. Since your request is for a work project, it is really a professional request. You could post it in buyer requests as well. Even if you only hire someone for a few dollars for short answers and rough answers, that is what Fiverr is for.

Everyone on the Fiverr forums is either a buyer, a seller or a volunteer forum helper - no one gets paid for their forum time and there is little to be gained from advertising via the forum. I am not even sure that your request fits on the forum and will check with the moderation team to see what they think, but those are some suggestions in the meantime. I will move your post to the My Fiverr Gigs category so people could make you their gig links or their offers for written answers.

If some forum visitors want to write up their experiences here for free, they aren’t forbidden to do so, but it would be against Fiverr rules for them to share any contact information or personal information via the forum.

Good luck!


Just to say, I did something similar to this with a wide variety of Fiverr sellers and paid each one for their time. I suggest you do the same as you will get responses that are useful as well as being able to choose the people you want to answer.


I was a TRS seller since 2011
So welcome to my logo/character gigs and you can get more ideas from it.

Thank you!