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Calling all Word doc/Formatters/TOC experts/, eBook Cover Artists


My gigs have been increasing and I need good gigs to refer to my buyers to make their eBooks look great. I’d like to give these referrals to sellers who take time to post on the forum first.

I only want people who are experts in these fields. Do NOT list your gig here if you are a cut and paste formatter using free word templates to create eBooks. I have been testing out gigs and some are not as experienced as they look on their profiles. If you can help my buyers make a great looking eBook, please list your gig here.


Thanks calderjon! If you’ve been in the journalism biz, I don’t doubt you know Word, but I didn’t see a gig on your profile for Word formatting. If you want to add a new gig and put up some samples, I will check that out.


If they are looking for cookbooks to be formatted, that I can do. I actually have a book on amazon, How To Write A Cookbook As An Ebook which is a step by step guide. So I know what I am doing.


Hey, great! Thanks cooking, I will put you on my list and check that out. :slight_smile:


Word docs no problem


I’m just getting started on Fiverr. Only have one gig up for formatting. I’m a self-published author on Amazon and I format my own books (only two, so far, although I’ve just finished another for a friend). I can provide examples, create custom scene breaks, work with images, etc. I edit the html by hand in Notepad, then check the final files with the Kindle app on my smart phone and my Kobo reader.

One thing you might not like, though, is that I use Calibre to generate a Table of Contents rather than coding it myself.


Thanks for your comment. I had’t heard of Calibre but just checked it out and wow, sounds great!

I will be placing a test order soon to see your results on how it turns out on an ebook. :slight_smile:


Sounds great, thanks!


I was a documentation manger, designing templates and teaching people how to use them for years.

I have thought about a gig - I’ll take a look at yours a little later and see what I need to post - in the mean time I’ll sen over some formatted docs by PM.


Thanks! I’m so glad you posted today. I’ve looked over your sample and it looks so good!!! I will be giving my buyers some referrals soon and you are right up there on my list.



I have experience in ebooks as an author and as a software programmer. I’ve seen tons of ebooks converted by professionals that have a spartan look. Today, an ebook can give as much reading pleasure as a real paper book. It’s easy to include dropcaps, nice fonts for headings, pictures, etc. See the first picture of my gig to get an idea.

I’ll be happy to provide an example.



Thank you, looks good! I am getting in touch with a few questions for you and will likely be sending orders your way when I have anyone needing your service. :slight_smile: