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Calling Artist/Designers - Need your help

Can one of you artist tell me what kind of art/design this is and what keyword I need to input to find the right type of seller?


Flat Earth denial art? Slightly gay pride inspired cosmic stuff? LSD inspired astronaut photography? There are just so many ways this piece could be interpreded, Gina.

More seriously, I’d go with cosmos, space, and Earth, as my search terms and send the pic to any graphic artists who pop up. - Surreal/surrealist & composition could be other search tags.


Oh my goodness, Cy, only you could come up with such tags. :laughing:

I just thought it was a really cool design of Earth. I’m hoping to get something similar without the moon and with a different swirl or no swirl.

I’m not sure what to look for - maybe I’ll just trek into that dark abyss called “Buyer’s Request!” :scream:


:robot: Did you mean:

artistic representation of earth

I believe, you can search ‘Photo Manipulation / Photo Composing’

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Fiverr returned No Results to


Unfortunately, that did not return a match either - only four - none of which suits what I am looking to do.

I really want a new picture and not a redo of it.

Thanks to everyone for your help! :slight_smile:

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You can’t find the exact style or maybe you can after long hours of research but for that image you can obtain similar or an inspired version of it from any photoshop seller composing (the earth, space, stars, lights etc…)


That photo isn’t a specific art style, but I can tell you that this is a “digital matte painting” - a technique in which the artist takes several ready-made photos (i.e. a planet photo, a galaxy photo, etc.), stitches them together, and then starts blending them together with careful brushwork & special effects to not only hide the stitching details but also to make a totally new composition - digital matte painting is usually used for sci-fi & surreal compositions made for fun, for movies, etc.

I see there are digital matte painters on Fiverr, and while again you won’t find this particular type of special effects, any professional digital matte painter should be able to achieve similar or even nearly identical results :wink:

Some other digital matte painting examples relating to space/planets:


That is our guy,Mr. Loquacious.

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