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Calling Feature

Fiverr should add a vedio or audio calling feature. fiverr is getting very big day by day . lots of people are visiting this site. todays people are too lazy . they cant express properly in message . i think fiverr should see this matter


I also think about it. Fiverr Growing day by day. Must add a calling system. :ok_hand:t2: :ok_hand:t2:

A video call system is already in place and being tested by Pro sellers on orders.

We can set up video call meetings.

It doesn’t work that well yet but I think it will be improved before being rolled out to more users.


Do you have the option to turn this feature off if you do not want to use it?


It’s completely up to the seller to use it.

It’s just a button next to the send message one on the order page.

It’s not visible to buyers, if I need to initiate it I press the button which then sends a request to the buyer with a proposed time.

If they accept the call is on.

It’s definitely not intrusive and having the button hidden from buyer’s view is actually awesome.

However the video call is super low quality, I used it once and then had to cancel the call so we could pick it up via (which is how I handle calls altogether)


I don’t want those with issues thinking I am going to listen to their woes endlessly so for me this won’t work. Maybe for other types of gigs it is helpful.


Or maybe if this feature becomes available to you you charge 5x for call readings.


I wouldn’t do it for any amount. You can’t imagine how some try to glom on to me with their issues. Not to mention the perv problem it’s sure to bring to females.