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Calling it quits on customer support - FREE FOR ALL @ FIVERR

I certainly reached my limit with Fiverr and customer support. Recently, a client that I worked with for quite some time, had trouble accepting a custom order and claims to have paid for it 5 times. He even gave me a support ticket number just now. Fiverr claims privacy policy prevents them from discussing this with me. I delivered the work (as we as sellers cultivate trust relationships with clients) and I am out of pocket. No harm done - whoever didn’t pay can help themselves to the couple of bucks that I lost. But since we can’t expect helpful assistance from Customer Support, I suppose Fiverr is going down the Free For All road and nobody can do anything since they have “policies” in place. Well, I sent them this final reply and I am done wasting my time submitting tickets - I can just imagine that their arrogance will either make them very rich, or cause this ship to sink.

To Customer Support:

Client claims he spoke with Maria, ticket #1005585. I am now calling it quits. I believe Fiverr acts in bad faith and this is starting to feel like one big scam. Complaints are handled in a very “couldn’t care less wait it out” tone and as long as you bank your commissions and still handle our revenues in questionable ways until it actually finds it way to us, you have made it clear that little improvement can be expected. To actually quote “privacy policy” preventing you from disclosing information related to a transaction to which I am a party, is ludicrous but I am certain a way would be found to justify this. It is sad that we spend our time cultivating trust relationships with buyers, which you ultimately bank on, only to be treated like a nuisance when we complain or request assistance. Well, I call it quits - I am out of pocket for “trusting” a client with whom I built a trust relationship over a period of time. If he didn’t pay, which you seem to imply - then that is just fine. I remind you that corporate arrogance has this nasty habit of bringing down companies that believe they are untouchable. I, on my own, certainly can’t harm you, but keep it up and see where this takes you in 5 years time.

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Sorry about that… It is funny such a mistake could happen though. I’ve had a similar experience, but it was actually from the client’s account. The problem though was fixed immediately. I hope Fiverr support does something about it.

So you did the work without getting an actual order? Sorry you had such a bad experience.

Yeah, unfortunately I did the work and delivered before receiving the order. I had been working with the client for some time and would submit the work for his approval prior to submitting a custom order that he could then accept. It went down without glitches until he was simply unable to “accept” the current custom order - and he claims that the money was actually deducted from his account 5 times without the order being officially activated on my side so that I could mark it as completed and delivered. This removes our ability to work with gestures of good faith when you deal with buyers. But, no harm done - I just realized that I cannot trust the system and will never again agree to compromises on my end when dealing with buyers.

I love it when CS says to me “We can’t do that because of the TOS” Well, guess who wrote the TOS? It’s nice you can write a TOS so you can say you can’t do things and then quote it as if someone else wrote it. If it is a TOS thing, change the TOS so YOU CAN DO IT, after all, you write it.

Reply to @psychicrudi: What price was this gig for? And what price points were the others for?

The fact that you have been doing work and submitting work to a buyer before getting orders all along is an issue when going through a system where you really should not be starting orders until a gig is actually paid for and comes through.

I don’t think this removes gestures of good faith, this kind of system is just not built for something like that, where you do a project on spec and then hope to get paid for it. If you like to work that way then going independent working on your own website may be a better route. PEople get scammed all the time here on Fiverr by doing what you do, doing the work for a gig before the buyer pays for it. It’s just not the right workflow for a site like this. Sorry you got burned by it now.

I am curious how many other jobs have you done for this buyer and in what time frame?

I’m troubled by CS for three reasons. I’m new , but I did quite a few gigs. One seller was late, the seller had a death in her family, she communicated effectively with me. I will not cancel her gig. I hope they don’t lower this professional seller’s rating because of this reason. Secondly, a seller took a gig and canceled, CS informed me she was no longer a seller, it baffles common sense why she was listed and active as a seller without CS removing her. Lastly, not be able to communicate directly with a ghost writer for a long term project which will provide significant income for fiverr and the seller, hinders the process. I know there might be people who might circumvent fiverr, but my integrity is not for sale for a dollar and this limitation prevents the ghost writer ability and lowers the speed of the gigs and my production.

To be completely honest, there’s not a lot Customer Support can do for you when you didn’t use Fiverr how it’s meant to be used. Having “delivered” work for a client to then accept an order, then to say they can’t pay, is a mistake you will have to learn from I’m afraid.

Buyers should take it on good faith that work they order will be delivered to them in good time and of good quality. If neither of these are not reasonably fulfilled, then the buyer can then request a refund or take the issue to Customer Support.

This system is in place to protect both buyer and seller, and I can’t see how CS would be able to help you with that. It sucks, but they can only do so much when dealing with people.

I hoe you hang in there.

I had the same issue few days back, they buyer paid me 4 times and i still didn’t got the money, it showed buyer have ordered the gig but the order would not start, I tried everything asking them to submit information and all and as he was top rated buyer and has been using fiverr from 3 years he knew all this stuff already but nothing was working, he paid like 4 times and still the order won’t start. After complaining 3-4 times there was action taken he paid for the gig again and I got my payment but don’t know he got his previously paid money back or not but I still see those 4 orders added in my active sales but nothing can be visible except the orders which are recently purchased.

Also, just for interest sake - I received this reply from fragglesrock, the only active moderator on LinkedIn’s fiverr group:


I think its because Fiverr doesn’t have a lot of CS reps. Their staff is extremely limited and, though I know they are hiring and training more, CS is an extremely difficult and tiring job that takes its toll fast. Fiverr hasn’t been able to expand internally to cover how popular they became.

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I guarantee you the above statement is true. There was another talk about CS support declining since the introduction of those new cartoony avatar pics they now use. I can attest to that … It’s been downhill ever since… I know the cartoon picture Maira … or Tom … Or Jim is not really a Maria , Tom or Jim … but some outsourced bilingual person posing to look like they are fluent in english… How do I know this? Because half the time they can’t understand your problem or deliver a solution with a canned response and bad broken grammar.

Its really time for fiverr to start putting our commission fees to better use and start putting it into the CS department to handle things with MUCH BETTER CARE.

Or lower the commission fees … Its ridiculous to charge us 20% anyway… especially on something like a $300 order… jeesh …

But hey , I know you Rudi… This is a platform you can’t win in … its not made for us. Y’know , people of light and all. So use it for what it is and put it on the backburner… we’re destined for greater things anyway. Your gut told you that already.

Reply to @steveeyes: I would highly doubt that the customer support agents are the same people who wrote the terms of service.

Reply to @sincere18: We had agreed on $30 for 4 blogs (of 400 words each) and we worked like this for 5 projects in a row. Just on the last project we were unable to proceed with payment as the system had it’s glitches - protected by privacy terms and conditions. Even after the buyer gave me his ticket reference number after submitting a complaint to Customer Support, the matter did not get resolved. So I am basically out of pocket for $24 after commissions. As I said, we had a standing working agreement that now stopped as the system is more glitchy that it used to be.