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Calling the buyers


Hi friends i was wandering that is there any way to talk to buyer on call because talking on messages does not deliver the actual message and also it delays the information to start working on the project,


Hi. Generally “no but”. You need to clear that with support. Explain to them why it is needed for your gig. They may agree, in which case they’ll probably tell you any exchange of personal info like phone number needs to happen on the order page or perhaps it needs to be mentioned in the gig as well or you need a specific phone consultation gig or something for that, or they may disagree that it’s needed. Good luck.

Make sure to ask them for any gig you think you need phone calls for, to kind of get them preapproved for that, and keep the reply in case of any issues.


I wouldn’t use any seller who wanted to talk to me in a call.


@miiila Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback.


@gccdev Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback. Can i update my ■■■■■ Id in my profile or can i give in the message when i reply to buyers.


The MOST important part is that you need to first take permission from CS for that. ONLY if they give you permission can you then share your personal info. via the order page (not on your Fiverr profile). If you do it without obtaining permission from CS, chances are that Fiverr might send you a ToS warning or suspend/ban your account.


Definitely not, providing personal contact information in your profile would get you banned.

As @hanshuber16 said, you need to obtain permission from Customer Support first, and then follow their instructions. Keep in mind that they are not going to allow you to put any kind of personal contact information in your profile, and that, after you obtain their permission, personal contact information will be exchanged on the order page only, and never in messages.


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