Came back to Fiverr after 1 year leave and apparently they broke it


Can Fiverr not math? I had 17 active gigs before. I put them on pause and now I can only have the ones that I dont pause. Fiverr please fix your bugs. I can help you with that as soon as you will let me POST A GIG.


And thanks for cropping my screenshot


Perhaps that’s because you’re not a level 1 seller yet. Until you get to level 1, you can have up to 7 active gigs.


I don’t know what the rules were back then since I am a relatively new member, but from what I see your status at the moment is at “New Seller” so you can’t have that many active gigs at the moment…


This isn’t a bug, users on a “New Seller” level only get 7 active Gigs. Read more here: