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Can 1 ip address can have multiple accounts?

I have a fiverr account at which i offer services of social media. Now my brother is asking to open a new account for himself and make some money. We have same Wifi connection at home. Can we both use fiverr simultaneously. Everything is different like email id,paypal id except same ip address.


It’s better to consult the Fiverr Support Team
They will better guide you as they’ve guided me for the same concern


No, realistically speaking, you can not. No matter what the fiverr team says, they will always find a reason to disable the secondary account. Happened to me, even after i asked and didn’t affect me much. So, its better to share you account with anyone looking to create a fiverr account on the same ip.


And why fiverr will close the second account if they sell different things?


If you think normally, operating multiple accounts from same IP is illegal and violate with Fiverr polices. If your brother really wants to be a seller on fiverr, there have a good solution “take a new internet connection or buy a Mob. modem”. Your brother can use same PC there is no issue with it.


So does this mean a wife and husband who have their own laptop computers in the same house, same internet,cannot have separate accounts in fiver r.


My roommate and I have two separate Fiverr accounts and we are fine. There is no reason why Fiverr should not work with two separate accounts on the same IP.

Take my situation. I have been a Fiverr seller for 4 years. I just turned my roommate onto Fiverr 7 months ago and she has a different email and paypal ID. We are fine.

Why would Fiverr ban the second account? I am sure they understand that multiple people living in the same house can have two different accounts.

My suggestion to you is to let your brother sign up. Fiverr understands this.



This could result in both of your IDs getting banned.
Fiverr will think you are operating both IDs. It won’t be able to differentiate that it’s a different person.
It is against the TOS to have more than one account.

EDIT: Apparently it is possible. Read comment below


Yes, it is possible. It depends on how you go about it. While it is true that one user cannot have two accounts connected to the same payment credentials, Fiverr has options for family members.

You need to open a ticket to Customer Support and explain that you and your brother are in the same household. Explain that you and your brother are willing to have separate payment methods and that you will not have the same type of gigs. If CS sends you a response that it is not a problem, you can proceed. Keep a copy of that response from CS. I’ve done it without a problem and I know of others who have as well.


I personally have 17 different accounts on the same paypal email and I love to spam the forum with each one of them. I also love making things up. That’s just my nature.

So do I have 17 accounts? No! But the point i’m trying to point out is that most of the time when someone asks this questions they want to open a second account run by themselves. No sibling is involved. This is against the rules but to be honest, I don’t follow them all anyway.


Thank you for the insight… I was wondering the same thing in order to change my username to be more marketable to my service without completely cutting myself off from my current gigs until I can transfer my clients to my new service… but it hardly seems beneficial.


Reply to @thecreativeguys: The primary issue is that however accounts are ultimately used the rules must be followed. In reality, sure, someone could claim their bro, sis, granny and 13 cousins and if CS gives permission and one person can manage 17 accounts, fine. It’s going to be realistically difficult to manage even 3 or more accounts while keeping the gig types different per account AND maintaining 3 pathment methods or more.

If Fiverr gets suspicious, they don’t hesitate to look at the names and payment methods on the accounts and ask the owner(s) to provide photo ID, bank info, whatever. If that isn’t provided, any or all accounts can be banned with funds returned to the buyers. For most people it is not worth the effort, especially beyond 2-3 accounts.

By the way, I read your whole post so I saw the attempt at a real comment delivered as sarcasm. Don’t forget that there are few mods and many posts. Posts that look like a problem are sometimes inadvertently edited/removed because of skimming posts to save time. If a post like that disappears don’t let it get to you because some do get caught in crossfire.


Reply to @fonthaunt: wow, really? That’s awesome. Thanks for clarifiying


Reply to @fonthaunt: I was waiting for that! :slight_smile: I know for the future!

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Want to know if me and my brother have two laptops but connected with the same internet. Still 2 accounts allowed on two different laptops under the same internet connection ?


Please read all the replies above - they’re really helpful! :slight_smile: