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Can a 1 star feeback remove from a cancelled order my buyer is willing to remove that he was unware that negative review will generatea

Hi, my buyer is willing to remove the negative review as we are going to create a new order . He mistankenely didn’t provided me files/access as i have to fix something on his website. He cancelled the order as 24 hours are passed i didn’t wanted to do an empty delivery as that’s also against fiverr TOS

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No, I’m afraid not, because it wasn’t your buyer who left the review, it was automatically left by the Fiverr system - ‘Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!’.

You could have asked your buyer to extend the time needed through the resolution centre on the order page - might be one to remember for the future? :sunny:


buyer was not responding. and he just cancelled the order and even he didn’t send the files

No - the Fiverr system cancelled your order because it was very late.

Have you got mandatory requirements setup on your gig so the clock can’t start without the buyer sending you what you need?


i have contacted my buyer he cancelled the order fiverr system doesn’t . Review is generated by system but order is cancelled by the buyer?

From here:

Buyer Requested Cancellations: Buyers can request a cancellation as long as the order isn’t in “status completed”. If the seller doesn’t respond within 48 hours the order will be cancelled. Another option is if an order is late, then a buyer can cancel without the need of the seller’s approval. Cancellations when an order is late can have a negative impact on a seller’s business. This also leaves sellers in a position in which they may have worked already, for no pay. For those reasons, this kind of cancellation should be avoided by sending your Gig on time.

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