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Can A 13 years old teen sell services on Fiverr?

My 13 years old boy is a web developer and wants to sell services on Fiverr. Can he withdraw money?
Can he sell services on Fiverr? :blush:


Yes, he can. You need to open his bank account with your supervision. You need to notify CS before starting his account.

Your services can not be same and you can’t buy from one another. If using same PC you must log out before switching to another account.

He needs to provide valid ID and have unique phone number.


Hello @asmaakter82,

If you are new to the Fiverr community first you need to must-read some posts/topics from the below links. Hope you will get all answer of questions.

Now I’m trying to give the specific answers to your questions

For question 1: If your sons have anyone from those ( PayPal, Payoneer, Bank account) then you can use that to withdraw money.

For question 2:

In Fiverr ToS 3rd paragraph you will get about the age limit for the Fiverr account. And clearly mentions there 13 years old is allowed to sell service Fiverr. So your son can do it.

Hope all are clear.

Advance best of luck for your son :love_you_gesture:


let me share this one here, the discussion in it is quite helpful

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Got an email saying you quoted my post so I’m happy to help! Yes im 15 and yes I do sell on Fiverr, You can use your parents ID since you are a minor. When i asked support they assured me this was fine. Hope this helps and good luck!

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Tnq Everyone


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yes, he can, good luck

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Yes, but you will need another PC and phone number and you will need to create a bank account under your supervision where your son can withdraw money.

I don’t think so! But check with customer service. To be able to trade on Fiverr you need to produce your ID etc. You need to be 18 years or older. It is not legal for minors to trade in any way.

13 years old is the age from which you are allowed to have a Fiverr account as quoted from the Terms of Service in a previous post above.

There is also a further post regarding a Customer Support reply with further details regarding all of this.

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I contacted their support myself and they said it is OK with parental consent

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Okay, this is interesting. I see that!

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I love seeing young people get into working and trading their skills. However, just a word of caution - in web development he will be dealing with people expecting certain standards and usually for businesses. This may be difficult for a 13 yo to understand properly. I’m not looking to discourage you or him at all but I think you should keep in mind that he will likely need some help from you in communication and professionalism.

I would also keep an eye on his messages and account and check regularly with him how he is feeling about it. I know there have been some young (and older) people who have struggled with mental health here and having a client complain after you work long hours on a project can be very disheartening.
When it goes well, it can be a great experience for teens. If it goes badly, no amount of money will make it worthwhile. Wishing you both all the best.


You provided your own personal paypal or one of your parents?

I use bank transfer since I can legally have a teenager’s bank account in the UK