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Can a bad response rate drives you from level 1 to new seller?

Hi everyone,

Today I woke up finding my response rate dropped from 95% to 88% and it’s marked red… :astonished: And I was totally shocked, because normally I respond to all my clients within 2 hours.

Yesterday I marked a person as spam, who kept spamming me with the same message again and again

Can Fiverr throw me off to from Level one to New Seller again?

Best regards Xuicat


Yes they can. I managed to climbed to Top Rated Seller on 2018 and survived only 6 moths because I was already exhausted mentally when I reach there and having personal issue at the same time. The point is, I didn’t able to maintain all those important percentage (respond rate, delivered on time and order completition). When someone send you a spam, reply it first then mark as spam or report. Unless you can’t open the message.


Ah OK, so first reply to the spam message, then block… Yes, I didn’t reply to that message… That’s why… Thanks so much for this valuable information :+1:
I hope you are doing well

Glad that it helpful! I figure it out in the hard way but you don’t have to :slight_smile:

Thank you for this helpful info :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you contact CS they can probably fix your response rate it’s counting that message you flagged as spam against the response rate. It shouldn’t (if the system worked correctly) count it against you if you’ve flagged it (or maybe at least in time) but because of a bug it seems to. So in future reply first to spam before flagging but you shouldn’t need to if the system worked properly. Contacting CS to fix it might save you from being demoted.

Yes it can! Actually it happened to me and I was almost Level 2 already.