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Can a basic gig price start at $50?

Hello fellow sellers,

I just saw a gig by level 2 seller. He/She has a gig of designing a wordpress website. The astonishing thing I noticed is that the basic gig starts at $50 and not $5.

Am I too late to notice this new feature? Can someone please explain what it is and when this was introduced in fiverr?

Thank you!

Its an experimental feature being tested in some categories limited to some sellers. Fiverr often tests new features by making them available to a limited amount of sellers.

Personally i have some mixed feelings about the idea, on one hand this would open up new doors and allow us to provide more time consuming services. On the other hand fiverr has is known as a microjob site where you can get small jobs done for a fiverr.

I wonder how they pick these sellers randomly. I’d invite this feature for sure. The only issue is it maybe misused and like you say, fiverr may no more be a micro economic or affordable site.

Alternatively, each seller must be given an option to have only 1 such gig; whose selling price starts at $50 or so. What say?