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Can a blocked buyer buy my gig?

Yesterday I blocked a buyer as our price point did not match and he was persistent to make me do a job for far less than the actual price.
But today I see he sent me a custom offer. Can he do that? He is even able to text me. All the text are directed to spam folder which I can still see through my android app.
But I am really worried as I do not know if this will hamper my communication time and rate. Also will he be able to buy my gig even when he is blocked?
Because I really don’t want to work with him anymore neither do I want my account ratings go down.


If you have blocked that buyer he/she shouldn’t be able to place a custom offer. If he/she is able to do that I should say it’s one kind of bug.
And after blocking someone it won’t affect your communication time and rate.

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Can you please confirm if s/he will be able to buy my gig? Because then it will be a messy situation which I do not want to get involved. :pensive:

Many sellers faced this issue. I guess it’s a bug or Fiverr does that intentionally.
Please contact support and make sure the buyer can’t order anymore.


Thank you so much for your suggestion. Really appreciate it.

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Actually when we block someone we block him or her in the inbox ,we cant block the entire customer,by blocking they just cannot message you but can place orders…


The only way to “really” block a buyer is if they have already purchased from you at least once before and pressing the “block” button underneath their picture on their profile page. Reporting or labeling as spam their messages will block them from further communicating to you, but they can actually still place an order.


I did exactly that but still somehow s/he could make a custom offer. So I contacted cs and they said they will look into it.

Hope you will get a solution.

Wait for the reply of Fiverr CS. Get the cancellation done by them, hope it won’t hamper your profile.

Yes they replied and pretty fast too. They assured that they will look into the matter.

Fortunately as it was a custom offer sent by the buyer ( I don’t know how that is possible), I didn’t accept it and everything is fine from my side. Just wanted to make sure that this does not happen in the future.

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That’s actually not a bug. When we block buyers, they cannot text us directly. Instead they can send you a message via “custom order” option on your gig. That’s ridiculous. Sometimes I feel like block option is for no good. But you can report him and can seek help from fiverr CS regarding this.

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Yeah, isn’t it too awkward? :frowning:
Why would I want a custom offer from someone I don’t want to deal with anymore? :woman_facepalming: