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Can a blocked buyer stil place an order with me?

Hello everyone! I know there is a lot of topics on this one, but they are all from 2019. so I wondered if something may be changed n the meantime. I have one "buyer’ who is extremely rude to me and DEMANDS that I do work that I’m not familiar with and not comfortable doing. He keeps harassing me and sending me messages. I wondered, does anybody know if I block him, will he be able to place an order? I know in 2019. if you block a user it will only mean that he can’t send you messages but still can order. Is that maybe changed now?


As far as I know a blocked buyer can’t place an order… If he placed a previous order… you have an option to block him. I can’t confirm for sure if he is able to place an order if you only marked his message as spam.


Thank you for the answer! Do you know maybe if he is a new buyer and didn’t order from me before. He still will not be able to order if I block him?


I truly can understand the worry of emrald_kate becs I m facing similar issue. Can anyone share genuine and practical information whether blocking a previous buyer will block him from placing fresh order as well? What is the policy of Fiverr and what are the experiences senior sellers… Will appreciate this matter is given some attention please. Thanks all

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If you use the block link on a buyer’s profile, then they can’t place orders with you, nor communicate.

But like artwork mentioned, I believe too that the buyer must have order history with you. As sometimes the block link is not there.

However, customer support should be able to block a buyer for you if you feel uncomfortable working with them, and you can’t block them yourself.