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Can a buyer ask for a refund after he/she himself has gladly accepted the delivery and order has been marked completed?

So suppose a buyer loved the delivered product and happily accepted it and now the order has been marked completed. Fiverr says “You have earned $x!”. After a few days, before the 14 day period is over, the buyer suddenly decides that he/she needs his/her money back. Can the buyer do that? If yes, will Fiverr support the seller since the buyer himself/herself ‘happily’ accepted the delivery before?

Hi @manishambre

Fiverr TOS said:
“In rare circumstances where we find it appropriate, our Customer Support team may cancel a completed order even after 14 days have passed from its completion. In such cases, the amounts paid for the canceled order will be returned to the Buyer’s Fiverr Balance and will be deducted from the Seller’s Fiverr Balance or, if there are no sufficient amounts in the Seller’s Fiverr Balance, from future revenues of such Seller.”

so…, yes…, Fiverr could refund the complete order fund, even after 14 days.


Oh wow, that is interesting and a bit depressing. :sweat_smile:

It depends on a situation and why your buyer is asking for a refund


If you have delivered what you agreed upon with the buyer then you should not need to worry about buyer asking for a refund and the refund going through.

Within 14 days buyer can refund…If you work properly you can contact with fiverr support with your work documents…hopefully fiverr will give you a good solution…best of luck…

Another thought…

If a Buyer opens a dispute with the payment service the order would be cancelled and money would be deducted from the sellers balance…

  • but it would be with fiverr for a review… if fiverr agrees the seller has delivered the service as agreed with the customer… fiverr credits the seller back in 7 days…
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