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Can a buyer be able to leave after seller has delivered and cancelled the project


There is this buyer who is requesting for so many modifications. I think I dont want to make any more modifications. I want to cancel his project, but will he still be able to leave a review?


He cannot review the order after Mutual Cancellation but he can give a private feedback about you to Fiverr.


Thank you very much, seriously some buyers will make you wish you never came across fiverr. I am going to cancel the order right away if what you say is true.


After telling the buyer I will be contacting CS, he went ahead and marked the order as completed. But, guess what? He landed me a big fat and glaring 1-star review. It didn’t get to me though, until I saw the part he said “do not use this provider.” OMG! I was like, is this for real? Anyway, I guess some days are like that. I just have to move on, even though it hurts.

I know this is going to put me out of the market for a while. Maybe its time to take a Vac. #Nevergiveup


For future reference, you don’t need to contact CS to do a mutual cancellation. On your order page, there’s a bit at the top that says’ Are you having problems with this order?’. Click it and you’ll be taken to the resolution centre, where you can request a mutual cancellation.

If the mutual cancellation goes through, your buyer gets their money refunded and no feedback can be left.