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Can a buyer be on vacation?

I received a quick turn order from a new client whom I believe is only a buyer, not also a seller. I had a question for them about the order and when I sent a note I noticed that next to their screen name it said that they are on vacation. I haven’t seen this before for a buyer. Can buyers be on vacation?


Yep - anybody can be on vacation - why not?

So there is a setting that buyers click to show they are on vacation? It looks like the seller’s vacation setting, but I searched and do not think this person is a seller.

They could be a seller with paused gigs.


I’ve noticed that.

I’m not sure what purpose it would serve me to put vacation mode on? If I order a gig and I want it done on time and done right, I need to be available. After all, I’m not doing the work.

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I think you must be right. That would make sense.

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