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Can a buyer change a bad review

Hello there, a buyer dropped a bad review and is ready to make changes, is it pissible


Why are they “ready to make changes”?

Did you message them and ask them about the review?


Yes and the buyer wants to make changes to a five star

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Then you have violated Fiverr’s TOS and will likely receive a warning.


I didn’t message CS, but the buyer so how did I violate TOS

You asked the buyer to change the review.

I just want to know if the buyer can change it to a five star review

I see.

So now, as well as a non 5-star review, you’ve potentially put your account at risk, and could get a warning or worse from Customer Support. Contacting a buyer to ask about their review is violating the Terms of Service - it’s review manipulation. Depending on what you said to the client, you could end up losing your account for it (worst scenario - hopefully just a warning)

I’d seriously suggest you read the Terms of Service, specifically the part about reviews. Also use the search button here in the forum, and do some research about changing reviews.

In a nutshell - DO NOT speak to your client about changing a review. DO NOT approach Customer Support about it.


It’s not possible unless the review violates the terms of service.

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In addition to what @cubittaudio and @jake_hopkins said


Also, for clarity - the review you’re talking about was a 3.7 - that’s good! Definitely not worth a Terms of Service violation over… :wink:


The buyer didn’t mean to drop the review, because I accurately delivered her order

But that doesn’t change the facts. You broke the rules that you agreed to follow. So now you can’t do anything.

Nevertheless, do not ask CS to change the review or you will get a warning against your account.

If the buyer lied and called you names then you could go to CS but not if they gave you a decent review and did not slander you.

I just read your buyer’s review and it was a good review. If you or your buyer asks to have it changed, CS will see that you talked to the buyer about the review. That is NOT a good thing.

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I haven’t contacted CS at all, but my buyer wants to, in order to change the review.

I just checked the review and it was quite praiseful, so it won’t be changed.

And @tannywrites you broke the TOS. Just admit it. It doesn’t matter why, but you did, so you’ve got yourself a warning over nothing.

Do not let her do that.

YOU will still get a warning! Each account is allowed 3 warnings for lesser offenses before it is banned. Do not take the gamble. Furthermore, you can not simply make a new account, Fiverr does not allow that.

She will only get a warning if the incident is brought to CS’s attention by her buyer or herself contacting CS about the issue. No need to worry @tannywrites further.

@tannywrites, I see you are a new seller. I understand this review was important to you. But it is not worth losing your account over.

Here’s what will happen, if your buyer contacts CS.

  1. CS will read the review
  2. Then they’ll review the order
  3. They’ll see the message where you asked why the buyer had given you a 3.7 star review instead of a 5 star
  4. They’ll likely temporarily restrict your account, probably issue you a warning (3 strikes and you’re out) or worse, depending on what you said in your original message to the client.

This is why people are trying to explain that you broke the Terms of Service, because you brought up the subject of reviews with your client.

Seriously, I would learn from this and just move on, and hope that your client doesn’t speak with CS about this.

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OK thank you so much