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Can a buyer change a review before the seller sees it?

Hello! I know that neither buyers nor sellers are allowed to change their reviews since the new blind system has been applied. Yet, all the info I found was about not being able to change reviews after both parties left their reviews.

But I would like to know if it is possible for a buyer to change their review if the seller has not posted their own review yet.

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I think, No. Buyer can’t change that review again. Even if you give a bad review to him.
Buyer already give feedback. Can’t change again.


No, buyer cannot change review once published

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No, its not possible for buyer and for seller to change review, once submitted

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So here is the thing: in fiverr TOS it’s written that if buyer contacts CS because they misclicked the rating then it can be changed. However in reality a lot of sellers got warnings for that.

My assumption will be that maybe it can be changed if buyer himself will reach out to CS to ask them but at the same time if seller never asked them about the review and they never told their seller about changing review. So basically if they made a mistake and with their own will went to CS to ask them to change it. We saw one case like that recently.
However before we saw a lot of other cases where buyer contacted CS without seller knowing about that and seller still got a warning.

If it’s my choice, then I definitely wouldn’t risk it.

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Thank you for the detailed response! Yeah, I read the posts about the cases you’re referring to. It seems pretty unfair for something like that to happen when the seller didn’t even ask for/knew about it.

I was mostly asking whether, without involving CS, a buyer has the option to change the review they just left before the seller gets to leave their own review, but, judging from the responses, I guess it’s not possible. The TOS does not specify anything on such particular situation, so I think it’s a very uncommon thought anyway :smile: