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Can a buyer give a revision despite the delivery time being over?

Is it possible for a buyer to send revision to you after the delivery time is over. I have a buyer who keeps on asking for extra revisions for free and now the time for delivery is up and I was able to send the last file 1 min before the clock ran out. Will he be able to send revisions again. If yes how much more time will I get for the next revision.


Once you have delivered the order, the counter doesn’t count for revisions anymore. So if you have revisions to do, the order can’t run late because the initial delivery was made in time.


But does this mean the unlimited cycle revision will continue for me. And the buyer can continue sending me revisions ?

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Well, are you offering unlimited revisions in the order? Then yes. You’re going to have to deal with it.


When you deliver the project, Buyer have 3 day time before the order automatically complete.
So your buyer will able ask for more revisions if the project is not complete.

Please remind your client that you already gave the maximum revision available, and if he need more revision, there will be extra charge.
If your buyer still insist to get more free revisions for you…, then you have three options:

  1. Refuse to do more revisions, Buyer mad at you, and giving you bad rate
  2. Do many revisions needed, waste your time and energy ( not sure if he will give you good rate)
  3. Cancel order ( Waste Time, Safe Energy and focus on the new project --> Deliverate rate down, for you still have 5 star rate). By maintain your 5 star rate, you could attract more buyer easier.

Best of luck,


Agree totally I already extended the delivery date by one day. He is also refusing to cancel the order. I can’t afford to go through this ordeal again with no profit. The worst part is that I have to get his approval for any type of cancellations. It’s a dead end for me from both sides.

Sorry to hear that.
It’s definetly a bad buyer you got here.
Hopefully you could pass this ordeal soon as possible :slight_smile:
Wish you luck :slight_smile:

If you really want to cancel the order, just contact CS and ask them to cancel the order. With that, you won’t need the approval of the buyer to cancel the order. I wish you good luck.

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So it turns out the buyer accepeted the order and left a review. Hover I did not rate him. So I can’t see what he reviewed me. Bcoz I know it’s going to be nasty. I messaged the customer support and sent them some conversation snapshots. Hopefull they help me take down his review. Fingers crossed :pray:

You should have a look at his review first before trying to get it removed. The review will be visible on your profile after 10 days anyways if you don’t write a review for your buyer.

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How many revisions did you offer the buyer in the order?

I offered him two rounds of revision for a two day delivery. When he still wanted more revisions I added another one revison for free. He kept added submititng more revison. When I asked for a charge for the next revision he refused said it was my mistake. Started calling me fraud and everything. All this time I kept my compose and manage to give him one last revision. Ends up he actually gave me 1.3 star. And poor review.

Yeah thanks for your suggestion. I didn’t know abt the 10 day thing. Turns out He gave me a poor review.

I did contact CS there is a 10 day wait period for a reply from them.By that time the damage will be done. :rage:It only my first month and I am truely frustrated

No damage will come to you. Since you have opened a dispute, it is no longer in your hands but in the hands of CS. Also note, when CS cancels the order, your stats will also be affected. I will strongly advise that since you are new to Fiverr, try everything you can to please your buyers, even if it requires unlimited revisions. Your growth depends on it. Cheers!

Thanks a lot for the your suggestion :blush:

No! Do not be a doormat for your buyer to walk on.

That too is terrible advice. Offer a specific number of revisions and charge for any additional ones. I do not even mention that I offer revisions. Why remind them that it is an option?

I may give a buyer one or two small revisions but charge for anymore. It may seem like a good idea to offer unlimited revisions, but we have seen on the Forum that buyers have come back months later, and when the seller complains to CS, they will back the buyer. Unlimited means without end. It is up to you to put a limit on your revisions if you do not want to deal with buyers coming back once the order is complete.

Another option is to say unlimited revision while the order is active. Once it is closed by the seller or auto-completes in 3 day you are done.


Be sure to say in your review of him appears on your profile that the buyer tried to get additional revisions for free. That will put off any buyer who may try to get free revisions, plus it lets them know they can not just walk all over you.

No i have kept the gig. I can’t think of starting all over again. I have got all other good reviews on it. I replyed to his comment and addressed the situation where he even insulted me and called me fraud. Despite me being polite all through out the time and even submitted the final reviewed project to him.

Did you remove the gig, that you got the 1.3 on? That does not remove the review and it means any prospective buyer cannot read your reply to his review.