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Can a buyer give job to multiple sellers, select the a copy, then cancel order from other sellers?

Hello all, I have a seller who currently canceled an order, (we are still in dispute resolution).

She created a custom order without asking me first. She did not add revisions.

She ordered an email which I wrote and submitted a day early, she asked for a rewrite, I obliged thinking good relations…

10 Mins after submitting the new email, I got a cancelation request.

I checked her profile and saw that another seller gave her a comment on the due date.

I feel she gave same job to multiple sellers and is canceling after choosing from the submissions.


yes fiverr should take into account this issue, After all cancelling order does not effect buyers but hurts Sellees.

Yes Fiverr should, I’m in a bad place, caught between canceling and a getting a bad review.

Then I stumbled on her reviews, I was tempted to reach out to the seller, but I’m not sure about the rules.

I know she would leave a bad review, but I won’t lose money and ranking at same time.

Just recovered from my last cancelation :joy:

you should contact support and ask for help. they can check and even compensate sellers sometimes

Honestly that is borderline criminal. That should not be allowed and anyone who does that should have their account banned. Like I get the whole send a load of orders and pick the best one. But they should still pay them for the work. Like cancelling doesn’t give the person the time and effort back. You should get paid. I have never had someone cancel but you should get a percentage of your money back based on how far through you were when they canceled
tl;dr: They should not do this and you should get compesated

Waw, it’s a scary story… Indeed they can do that in thinking about it, but I don’t know what could fiverr even do against this.

Many sellers are constantly buying different services everyday, so having another review on the same day doesn’t necessarily mean that choosing multiple sellers to do the same job.

I’m truly sorry that this happened to you! Fiverr should have ways to prevent this…

I don’t think CS will do anything about your buyer, but if you have to pick between a cancellation and a bad review, there’s a few things that you should consider. For example, if you don’t have that many reviews, one bad review could hurt you, but if you have lots of good reviews, a bad review won’t affect you that much! I hope this helps!

One of my customers, they are requesting for a cancellation now because they have ordered from multiple sellers for the same work & one seller provided the best work. And my work is not good enough. I wrote to CS & waiting for a reply.its sad i mean i do not mind “not getting paid” but atleast if it will not effect my ratings that will be enough for me. because i am willing to do redo if they are not happy with the work. but i do not get that chance at all. But I seriously think that fiverr should address this issue. e_sales_writer just want to know how you got this resolved…