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Can a buyer give review, after order is automatically complete

Hi, hope you all are doing good.I just wanted to ask Can a buyer give review, after order is automatically complete.


They can do that from their order page and have 30 days in which to leave a review. Check out the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the details.


If they don’t and you think you did a good job you should send a message asking them to. Every positive feedback helps.

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You might get reported for spam if you do it.

Or get a review that you’re not going to like.


even if one did get reported, I don’t think Fiverr considers asking for a client to remember to leave feedback spam unless one sent message after message to the same buyer. One or two doesn’t hurt. I also think most of us know who the problem clients are. Ones where we did a good job and it’s probably just laziness on the clients part will almost always leave positive feedback or just leave none at all. I can’t think of a time across any platform in more than 20 years where I think someone left me negative feedback for no other reason than I asked. And I had an eBay store with 20,000 feedback at one point. I always make it a point to send a least one reminder where I know I’ve done a good job.

Oh yes they do! :sunny:

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example? no prohibition in the terms of service

yes he/she can give a review after order is automatically accepted.


Sending unsolicited messages for commercial purpose (that’s wording from the ToS).

Buyers already get two reminders from Fiverr to leave a review. Sending them a reminder or two of your own is an overkill.

If you wish to spam your buyers (on Fiverr, even one unsolicited message counts as spam), it’s up to you. However, please don’t advise others to do the same.


yes .buyer can give review after automatically completed order.

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Yes, the buyer can.

If you have done an outstanding job without fail, then you may message the buyer for rate, but never ask for 5-star review. Just leave a message like this “Hi, Your order has been automatically marked as completed if you still need any help, feel free to let me know otherwise kindly rate the order. I shall be really thankful to you”.

Thank you.

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how i can give feedback after order automatically completed

If you are a buyer, I think you’ll need to go to the order page.

If you are a seller, you can only review if the buyer also does. You should check your notifications for the prompt.

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