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Can a buyer keep asking for Revisions?

I’m new here and was wondering if a buyer has the opportunity to keep asking for revisions until the time for the project is depleted. In other words if a project’s time is finished and the buyer was asking for revisions will the buyer get a return of his/her $5 or will the Seller keep the $5 without making a revision. Thank you

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You can change this by editing your gig like if buyer will ask for 2 revisions, that would be free but when he would ask for next, it will bill him as your gig mentions.

I’m not exactly sure if a buyer can make unlimited modification requests, but if you ignore it, when the time runs out the buyer will have the opportunity to cancel the order and give you a poor rating. You also loose the $4.

If I were you I’d try my best to satisfy my buyer and if that’s not possible, request a mutual cancellation.

As a new seller it would be better not to start off with a poor rating.
Maybe other sellers can also shed some light on this?

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I’ve set my gig to 1 Revision and my first buyer has requested 2 Revisions so far, how is this possible? The only thing I’m concerned about is if a buyer just asks for a revision last minute into the project and gets his refund without my permission. Thank you


Hey Hantos,
I checked your profile first of all remove your email form about description it’s against Fiverr policy and in my opinion if you want success on Fiverr you must have skill to satisfy customer needs

About logo Gig:
Hantos in my opinion you are using too limited gig description kindly enhanced with good eye caching content add some extra also in gig description and one more don’t copy others users gig description

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The modification system confuses me as well. As a buyer, I look at the gig with 1 modification, $5, I would think that the seller only provide4 1 modification, and the price is $5, even if the buyer is willing to pay again for a second modification, the seller/modification system won’t allow it.

But as I stated to set that on my gigs, and my buyers used it, I think it’s more like: the seller provides 1 free modification, any more will cost $5 each.

Now as you have written here, I have a feeling that this modification thing doesn’t work at all…

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If I offer 1 free revision and have provided that already before the timer runs out, the buyer cannot cancel but can still ask for more revisions without buying extras/paying for additional revisions. If i don’t provide it for free, an exploitative buyer can refuse to mark the job as complete. And without marking the job complete, the funds will continue to stay in Fiverr’s account. Some buyers know this loophole and will exploit it to get free revisions like a buyer of mine is doing. Because they have already paid the $5 and got their work done, they don’t care if the funds go in Fiverr’s pocket or the seller’s pocket, they just want to try and squeeze of some more extra work. There is no safeguard to this loophole for the seller. It’s as if Fiverr is okay with this. I wonder why.


Make it clear in your gig description how many you offer. Get customer support involved if the buyer refuses to be cooperative.

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I asked the seller for a badge logo. My cost included two logos and unlimited revisions. The seller was quick after waiting three days, the first two revisions were quick but he changed the entire logo to red when I didn’t ask him to do that. Now he doesn’t respond. I’m not happy with it and will be requesting a refund. In each delivery he states that he will make changes until I’m happy.

Yes, if the gig description states that then you have the right to request for a revision or a refund if he does not comply.

I made my first purchase of a logo a week ago. As soon as the logo was delivered I asked for a revision. So far I have gotten no response from seller, ogomoz. I have sent 2-3 requests and I am being ignored. I placed my order April 3 and received it for review on April 6. I asked for a revision that night. I still have not gotten a response. How do I handled this? I am about to leave a BAD review! What’s bad is that all he had to do was remove one word.

How do you get the refund? I paid $35 and I just went to his page on Fiverr and it says “this page is no longer available” So he took my money and ran!

He probably deactivated his account or Fiverr has banned him. Do not worry, you will able to talk to Support about this… You may contact them through this link, just fill in all the details regarding your concern.

Is there a definitive difference between a “revision” and a “modification”? My package tiers and extras are scaled based on the amount of work and size of the project. (larger ones are inherently more complex, and additional drafts are likely… so the price reflects that work/hours). However, I’ve always been happy to send a modification or revise my deliveries to satisfy my clients. I view it as customer service and my product/brand being top priority… and I’ve not had an issue so far with buyers needing to keep requesting modifications. If they keep asking, it means I’m not doing my job the best I could be.

I’ve had a handful of experiences where the buyer seemed like they were trying to exploit the system; but it’s usually on basic $5 orders, and they tend to request a refund straight away. I answer that issue with a mutual cancellation and be done with them. I doubt many malicious individuals would try to pull such a stunt on a larger priced order… since at the end of they day, if you deliver what’s in your Gig™ description Seller Support will back you up.

It depend upon what you offer, If you offer Unlimited Revision your are bound to give revision without any extra charge or argument on the other if you provide 1 or 2 revision free of cost then mention that with bold text to avoid confusion

Hope it Helps

I am the same situation, My buyer keep rejecting my delivery and now he says he doesn’t have time to test it yet, he has got 4, 5 revisions so he rejecting again to get time, what I can do about that?
This is my gig,

Set your revisions to max, or limit them to whatever you’re prepared to do. The end. Mine are in the twilight zone of max where there are no rules.

as a newest seller i include 1 revision in my gig and if buyer demand 2 revsiions how can i do for this because i offer just 1 revision how to solve this problem

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Send a custom offer :slight_smile:

. . . Anything More than 3 Revisions is Exceedingly Unfortunate . . .