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Can a buyer leave a review if I cancel the order before delivery?


I have received an order from a buyer who uses rude language and keeps poking me two times a day for a 2-week long order. I don’t want to continue with him. If I cancel the order from my side, will the buyer be able to leave any public review regarding me or my order???


You can request to cancel but the buyer may not accept the cancellation. If they accept the cancellation (or I think it cancels automatically after 3 days if they do nothing?) then yes they can’t leave a review after the cancelation. Though if the order is very late and it can leave an auto-message eg. “cancelled - seller failed to deliver on time”.

If they are using rude language you can report the posts that use that language or contact support. Support may cancel the order, and if they do, the buyer shouldn’t e able to leave a review.