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Can a buyer leave negative feedback if I cancel the order?

I received an order a few days ago and the buyer wanted me to do some extra things that I don’t really have the expertise to do. I don’t really feel comfortable completing the order.
If I cancel the order, can the buyer leave negative feedback? Will this affect my rating in any way?

Thank you!

No. If the order is cancelled, no feedback can be left.

As far as an effect on your rating, it depends on one thing. If you offer the buyer a refund through mutual cancellation and the buyer accepts, it has no effect on you in any way. If the buyer declines or ignores the request and it is automatically cancelled or cancelled by Customer Support, that does add to your cancellation ratio.

A forced cancellation once in awhile really isn’t a big deal, though, so I would rather take one over the other choices. Hopefully the buyer will just accept the refund.

Okay thank you! So a possible hit to my cancellation ratio, but no chance of a negative review.

Thank you!

That is correct as long as you do it before the delivery time deadline. :slight_smile:

As long as you do a mutual cancellation and the buyer accepts you won’t get any sort of bad feedback. If they don’t it will time out after three days and cancel automatically. There is a chance for them to refuse the cancellation, though.

It’s very unlikely though. When I do mutual cancellations I always make sure to mention that “Your funds will be returned to you to consider another seller that is more qualified to do this, thanks!”