Can a buyer make a seller get banned from Fiverr?


There are dangerous buyers lurking around. ones that doesnt understand ethics, technical stuff and many other aspects of a gig. Some does not get anything at all that they tend to threaten, shout and go so far that they claim that they would contact CS and can ban a seller from the Fiverr Platform.

Simple question, can this happen ? :slight_smile:


They don’t ban sellers just because someone wants them to. If a buyer is unhappy with a seller because the seller didn’t do what his gig description said it would do, he can request a refund, or leave a bad review.


I see! there was this buyer, after a good deal of work she was not satisfied and her idea was lost when communicating creative ideas through technical aspects. she suddenly said, shes going to contact CS and she wont accept to cancel UNTIL she gets a FULL REFUND from FIVERR itself. i was scratching my head ever since.


CS won’t cancel an order just because she didn’t like the final result, and it won’t ban you for that either.

If she asks YOU to cancel you have the choice to do that or refuse to cancel the order.