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Can a buyer outside Fiverr take my service?

Hey friends, I have this question in my mind for a long time ever since I joined Fiverr. :thinking: It may sound a stupid question but I can’t help asking it. So, I have this gig created on Fiverr which I want to share on social media platforms (like Facebook, YouTube, Behance, etc.) What will happen if a person sees my gig becomes interested in my service, but he is not on Fiverr? Can he still be able to get my service? If yes, then how?

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If he interested of your service he will create a fiverr account and contact with you

The only problem is that lots of customers won’t want to create a Fiverr account just to order from you, as they may lose interest in the long process- it’s probably worth doing but it won’t drive in much extra traffic.

if you are shairing gig from fiverr, fiverr will always want him to order from fiverr as well :slight_smile:
You are sharing fiverr GIG not your service :slight_smile:
if you want to share you service and not fiverr GIG, you should not share gig but perticualr service post from your social media account !